Ceramiche Viva

Ceramiche Viva

There is no match for the passion of the ceramic artists of Ceramiche Viva. Created to elicit emotion, these works of art are handcrafted and decorated with original imagery by the designer Daniele Buschi.

Made in Umbria

Nestled in the green heart of Italy amongst grassy hills and medieval towns, the Ceramiche Viva factory is just minutes away from Deruta, known for its ancient ceramic tradition dating back to the thirteenth century.

Experience, Passion, Innovation

These are the words that drive everything at Ceramiche Viva. With an emphasis that everything they produce is of the best quality, they are in constant search of ways to draw from the beauty of nature to bring forth new creations.

Bringing Beauty to the Everyday

Ceramiche Viva sources inspiration for their impeccable ceramics from the landscape itself - their art is a fusion of nature’s own shapes and colors. While treasuring the old tradition of Deruta’s ceramics, Ceramiche Viva believes that ceramics should be inventive and surprising, giving their items a unique and whimsical flair.

Admire them, hold them, touch them, dirty them. Ceramiche Viva invites you to fill their ceramics with flavor food, fragrant cookies and vivid flowers to make your home a marvelous world.

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