Jimmy Tartufi

Jimmy Tartufi

What do you call someone who takes a precious gem of the land and makes the world fall in love with it? A visionary, an explorer, a food worshipper. Probably all of the above. That’s just what Gioacchino Cecchini, the man behind the brand, has been doing since the 80s.

Made in Umbria

The natural ecosystem in the untouched land of Italy’s green heart, Umbria, allows for the growth of the finest species of truffles. The unique variety and high quality of the truffles speak to the rich flavor of the area, giving it international fame. It’s no wonder this land has been home to Tartufi Jimmy for 40 years!

From Umbria with Love

From a small medieval town in Umbria called Pietralunga, Tartufi Jimmy’s products are not only delicious, but also radiate a strong sense of local pride, sharing a taste of the beautiful Umbrian hills with you.

A Worldwide Wonder

Through his drive and vision, Gioacchino Cecchini’s truffles have found their way to kitchens internationally in their original form as well as in sauces, butters, risottos, and plenty more.

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