Dessert Delight

This is the ultimate dessert selection, with Tuscan truffles, hazelnut chocolate spread, cookies and a divine selection of chocolates. We recommend trying La Suprema hazelnut chocolate spread with the cookies of your choice, and the chocolate truffles with coffee. The main event has to be the T’a gianduiotti selection: buckle up for a delightful taste ride through classic hazelnut, nutty pistachio, decadent dark, and guiltless sugar-free.

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What's Inside the Box

Tuscan truffles image
Tuscan truffles SIZE: 6.7 oz

Vestri has pulled all the stops with this box of pure delight. Look forward to classic chocolate truffles, pistachio pralines, hazelnut bites, and almond pearls. Perfect with hot beverages and dessert wines, they are a happy ending to any culinary fairy tale.

Biscotti with almonds and dark chocolate image
Biscotti with almonds and dark chocolate SIZE: 5.64 oz

T’a Milano’s bags of crunchy biscuits should be opened under supervision. The cantuccio biscuit with almonds and chocolate is just the right touch of sweet and tart, and goes well with any beverage - we recommend a nice cup of tea. Don’t be sad if you finish the bag in one session. Just move on to the next flavor.

"volcano" vanilla cookies image
"volcano" vanilla cookies SIZE: 5.64 oz

A sweet note for every taste and need. As the name suggests, these cookies are an explosion of flavor with lava drops of dark chocolate surrounded by vanilla biscuit. T’a Milano treats are strictly handmade, designed to turn every moment from breakfast to snack time into an experience. Grand Cru cocoa, flour, and mountain butter, combined with carefully selected raw ingredients, make every T’a cookie unique. 

"gianduiotti" chocolate selection image
"gianduiotti" chocolate selection SIZE: 5.29 oz

Four flavors, ranging from classic chocolate hazelnut to dark chocolate to pistachio. A sugar-free option is also available for those who don’t want to give up the pleasure of chocolate. Gianduiotti are T’a Milano’s first completely ​​gluten-free products. Serve with coffee for the ultimate duo.

Suprema hazelnut chocolate spread image
Suprema hazelnut chocolate spread SIZE: 8.81 oz

Venchi Suprema hazelnut chocolate spread, the superb chocolate cream made spreadable by the fine Piedmont hazelnut paste used to create an authentic delicacy that deserves a name worthy of its greatness: suprema is indeed Italian for supreme. Try it on bread, as a garnish for desserts or as a topping for gelato or simply enjoy it with a spoon. Dig in!

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