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Truffle Interlude

An introduction to the delicacy, this box includes whole and sliced truffles, where they also flavor a decadent sauce, extra virgin olive oil, honey, and premium Carnaroli rice. A plate of black truffle risotto with a couple of truffle slices will unlock the next level of your culinary repertoire. Along with the whole black truffle & truffle honey, you have all the luxury essentials you need. 

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What's Inside the Box

Black truffle carnaroli rice image
Black truffle carnaroli rice SIZE: 12.35 oz

A decadent treat for a special meal. Tartufi Jimmy are making the world fall in love with truffle in all its forms, especially black truffle Carnaroli rice. As far as rice goes, Carnaroli rice is the best of the best: exceptional quality, with large, full-bodied grains. This rice from Umbria embodies six generations of passion and excellence. Combined with black truffle, it’s any risotto-lover’s dream.

Black truffle sauce image
Black truffle sauce SIZE: 6.3 oz

A delicious blend of mushrooms and black truffle, this bold sauce by Tartufi Bianconi will leave a distinctive mark of flavor on any dish - and on your memory. Try it as a pasta sauce with spaghetti or on crostini, and let it work its dark, truffle magic. 

Whole black truffle image
Whole black truffle SIZE: 1.76 oz

Courtesy of Tartufi Jimmy, who are making the world fall in love with all things truffle, we give you whole black truffles. While the temptation will be to eat them whole, we recommend slicing or grating over risotto, pasta, bruschetta, canapés - pretty much anything except your coffee. We promise you this: a satisfied smile on your face.

White truffle extra virgin olive oil image
White truffle extra virgin olive oil SIZE: 8.45 fl oz

Decisive character for a bold new meal experience. This extra virgin olive oil by Ursini is delicately flavored with white truffle. Making the bold olive sing in perfect harmony with the distinctive white truffle in a golden, heavenly oil is no easy task, but the result is to die for. A few drops on any dish will add an extra layer of flavor dimension.

Black truffle honey image
Black truffle honey SIZE: 4.2 oz

When you think honey, don’t think of a jar hidden in the pantry. This isn’t how Jimmy Tartufi sees honey. Turning the humble into a delicacy is their mission: for truffle, for honey, for life. And by the first taste, whether over cheese or on its own, you know they’ve succeeded.


Black truffle slices in oil image
Black truffle slices in oil SIZE: 2.82 oz

Courtesy of Tartufi Bianconi, who have handpicked the best truffles in Italy for over 30 years, we give you premium sliced black truffle. While the temptation will be to eat them solo, we recommend using them as garnish over risotto, pasta, bruschetta, canapés - pretty much anything except your coffee. We promise a smile of satisfaction as soon as you get a whiff of its distinct aroma. 

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