Olive Symphony

An ode to the fruit, this box contains a combination of sauces, olive pestos, pasta, and extra virgin olive oil. Start with a duo of the green and black olives pesto on crostini to set the right tone and try to find a favorite, if you can. Continue with a generous bowl of spaghetti in the tomato, capers and olives sauce, finished off with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. We suggest repeating as often as necessary - practice does make perfect, after all.

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What's Inside the Box

Green olive and basil pesto  image
Green olive and basil pesto SIZE: 5.1 oz

Absolutely natural, deliciously inviting. The green olive and basil pesto by Ursini is an artisanal product that is 100% natural and free of stabilizers and preservatives. Made with the finest ingredients from a traditional Mediterranean table, it will capture you at first taste. Enjoy it on canapés and bruschetta, or use it to season your meat and pasta. Once opened, nothing is usually left. But if this is the case, we recommend covering the remainder with an excellent extra virgin olive oil and storing in the fridge.

Leccino black olive pesto image
Leccino black olive pesto SIZE: 5.1 oz

The idyll of fragrance and taste. This Leccino black olive pesto by Ursini is a triumph for the palate, unveiling the powerful fragrance of this great fruit, enriched by extra virgin olive oil. From tree to table, this pesto’s sincere and true flavor will capture you at first taste, with no need for synthetic flavoring, concentrates, or glutamates. Enjoy it on canapés and bruschetta, or use it as a pasta sauce or with meat and fish courses. If you can pace yourself and enjoy this treat one spoonful at a time, we recommend covering the remainder with an excellent extra virgin olive oil and storing in the fridge.

Tomato, capers, and olive sauce image
Tomato, capers, and olive sauce SIZE: 10.2 oz

Richness through simplicity. This caper and olive tomato sauce by Cascina San Cassiano is an authentic delicacy that reproduces the best of the traditional Italian kitchen. Tomato is king here, and olive queen, for a flavor-packed experience. Serve with generous amounts of grated cheese and red chili flakes for an extra kick.

Spaghetti by pastificio mancini image
Spaghetti by pastificio mancini SIZE: 17.6 oz

Pasta-making in the Marche tradition requires two additional ingredients that aren’t found in the pantry: endless patience and love for the trade. After a forkful of the spaghetti Mancini, you will know this is true. Match it with any sauce you can think of and a tasty affair is guaranteed.

Extra virgin olive oil – opera collection image
Extra virgin olive oil – opera collection SIZE: 16.9 fl oz

Quality meets design. An exclusive, refined packaging inspired by Italian tile patterns meets the complex, richness of this extra virgin olive oil by Frantoio d’Orazio. Spicy with almond notes, this oil has great character, harmony, and complexity. Never intrusive, always balanced, it is the right ingredient for any dish.

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