All About Pistachio Holiday Gift

This box is for the pistachio aficionado who looks forward to tasting it in any possible shapes and textures: cone, chocolate bar and spread. For something so small and unassuming, one could easily discard the pistachio as just another nut. This box demonstrates how wrong that would be! 

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What's Inside the Box

Pistachio spread “la golosa” image
Pistachio spread “la golosa” SIZE: 7 oz

Temptation comes in many forms. If it ever took jar form, it would be La Golosa by Vestri. Italian for “glutton,” no name is more fitting. It’s a velvety spread that takes the rich pistachio flavor to new heights. Its thick and luscious consistency makes it perfect on biscuits, bread, toast, rice crackers, and more. Share responsibly because once you start eating, you won’t be able to stop.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, almonds, skimmed milk powder, rice oil, pistachios paste (13%) chlorophyll, curcuma, cocoa butter, vanilla bean salt, sunflower lecithin.

ALLERGENS: May contain tree nuts (hazelnuts).

Pistachio mini cone image
Pistachio mini cone SIZE: 0.99 oz

Creativity without limits! Trying these innovative mini chocolate cones gives you an excuse for a sweet and delicious break any time of day. White chocolate spheres with a creamy pistachio heart in a delicate hazelnut wafer cone, this delicacy delights from the outside in. A perfect example of the creativity and finesse of T’a Milano chocolate artisans, each cone is perfectly balanced, creating taste sensations that last long after they melt in your mouth.

White chocolate bar with pistachio image
White chocolate bar with pistachio SIZE: 1.7 oz

A unique and emotional taste experience. In this timeless chocolate bar by Vestri, white chocolate and pistachios are melted together to create the most decadent texture and taste. One bite at a time, this chocolate bar will conquer everyone, especially those looking for refined and elegant flavors.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, pistachios (19%), whey powder (milk), hazelnut paste, soy lecithin, vanilla extract.

ALLERGENS: Contains milk. May contain tree nuts (walnuts, pistachios, almonds) and sesame seeds.

Dark chocolate bar with pistachio filling image
Dark chocolate bar with pistachio filling SIZE: 1.06 oz

Size doesn’t matter in this flavor-packed punch. Go with T’a Milano on a journey into Italian excellences as they combine the finest chocolate with locally sourced ingredients. Hazelnuts from Piedmont, pistachio from Sicily, tangerines from Palermo and coffee from Naples. This gourmet bar is a must-have essential in every bag, backpack, or purse for all your energy - or chocolate - emergencies.

  • Contains nuts
  • Naturally gluten-free
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