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The Christmas Box

This year bring the Italian holiday spirit in your house with these selected products typical of the Italian Christmas tradition.  This box is the perfect combination of ingredients to experience the holidays like Italians do. A delicious panettone classico made with fresh raisin and candied fruit that can be enriched with some tasty pistachio cream from Vestri; the torrone classico by Fiasconaro and some freshly baked Farinolio’s almond cantucci prepared the ancient way with our unique family’s recipe. There is nothing better than finishing your dinner with a very unique gourmet tea blend from La Via del Te’. This year don’t miss the opportunity to experience the simple taste of Italy.

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Made in Italy GMO Free

What's Inside the Box

Farinolio panettone image
Farinolio panettone SIZE: 26.4 oz

Panettone is the most typical Italian Christmas cake. It’s origins are deeply rooted in the distant past of the city of Milan. The Italian Panettone is a sweet bread loaf, cylindrical in shape, with a round base and a domed top (the “cupola”). It’s prepared by baking a leavened dough made of flour, water, eggs, butter, with the addition of raisin and little pieces of candied fruit. Prepared in Italy by the skillful hands of our experienced pastry chefs that make the product a typical example of Italian craftsmanship quality.

Farinolio almond cantucci image
Farinolio almond cantucci SIZE: 7.0 oz

Cantucci, or cantuccini, is a biscuit made with almonds originally from Prato, Tuscany. This traditional Tuscan biscuit is enjoyed as an after meal dessert, typically combined with either Vin Santo wine, espresso or cappuccino. Farinolio’s cantucci are baked fresh daily with imported flour and almonds from Italy and they are meticulously packed one by one.

Pistachio spread “la golosa” image
Pistachio spread “la golosa” SIZE: 7 oz

Temptation comes in many forms. If it ever took jar form, it would be La Golosa by Vestri. Italian for “glutton,” no name is more fitting. It’s a velvety spread that takes the rich pistachio flavor to new heights. Its thick and luscious consistency makes it perfect on biscuits, bread, toast, rice crackers, and more. Share responsibly because once you start eating, you won’t be able to stop.

INGREDIENTS: Sugar, almonds, skimmed milk powder, rice oil, pistachios paste (13%) chlorophyll, curcuma, cocoa butter, vanilla bean salt, sunflower lecithin.

ALLERGENS: May contain tree nuts (hazelnuts).

"white christmas" black tea blend image
"white christmas" black tea blend SIZE: 4.40 oz

An ideal drink for the festive day with the blend of black teas and sugar crystals with the irresistible fragrance of vanilla and freshly baked cookies.

INGREDIENTS: Tomato 57.9%, eggplants 27.6%, extra virgin olive oil 9.6%, matured salted ricotta (cows milk, salt, rennet) 3.5% basil, salt, garlic, black pepper, acidifying: lactic acid.

ALLERGENS: May contain celery, tree nuts, fish, mustard, sulphites, cereals containing gluten and egg derivatives.

Tea infuser image
Tea infuser SIZE: 1.8 in

Everything you need for making loose leaf tea at home. 

Torrone siciliano classico image
Torrone siciliano classico SIZE: 5.3 oz

A soft nougat made of sugar, honey, egg whites, and toasted almonds or hazelnuts, torrone is a typical sweet enjoyed in Italy around the holidays. Fiasconaro's artisan Sicilian soft nougat contains local honey and toasted almonds, for a classic taste.

INGREDIENTS: Chinese green tea special jasmine, flavors, mallow flowers, yellow rose buds silvery pekoe white tea, jasmine flowers.

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