Italian Tea

Italy is well-known for its coffee culture, but did you know it also produces rich and flavorful Italian teas? At Tasty Ribbon, you can shop for traditional Italian tea and gourmet Italian food products sourced directly from the finest purveyors in the country.

Curl up to a warm cup of aromatic Italian tea and steep yourself in an exquisite blend of Oolong, cream, and chestnut. Sip in the tradition of the Italian aristocracy with a secret recipe that combines jasmine and white tea leaves with refined chocolate. Fill your heart with a romantic blend of fruits, green tea, and rose petals. Or, savor the essence of ancient Italy with an aromatic, herbal mixture of fennel and licorice root.

How to prepare Italian Herbal and Other Tea Blends

The secret to a well-steeped traditional Italian tea is patience. Preparing your tea should be just as relaxing and joyful as sipping it. Start by choosing your favorite loose tea by Tasty Ribbon and heating your water using an electric kettle, stovetop kettle, or a clean pot.

The most discerning tea drinkers will want to abide by the established range of ideal water temperatures for brewing a variety of tea leaves. For example, the proper water temp for white and green teas runs between 175° F - 185° F, or 79°C – 85°C. Others are recommended at higher degrees with Oolong tea registering up to 195° F (90°C), Black tea beginning at 206° F (96°C), and Roobios and herbal blends within a range of 212°F (100°C).

Next, fill a tea strainer with loose leaves or take your teabag and submerge it into your cup or teapot. The generally accepted ratio is about 1 teaspoon of tea leaves per 8 ounces of water, with variations based on the blend and desired strength. Steep the tea for the duration according to package instructions (1-7 minutes) before removing the strainer. Add your favorite sweeteners, citrus, or milk, and enjoy!

Italy’s Finest Teas Curated by Tasted Ribbon and Shipped Directly to You

Tasty Ribbon is known for our customized, elevated gift boxes filled with products that capture the essence of Italy’s culinary culture. Our premium products are sourced from artisans who follow the time-honored traditions of their craft from harvesting cocoa and baking biscotti, to pressing olive oil and innovating rare tea blends. We may be known for our gifts, but we are also sustained by our loyal customers who rely on our resources to fill their own pantries with Italian delicacies they simply cannot do without. Stock up on premium products for yourself, choose from a variety of tea-based and other preselected Italian food gift boxes, or create your own customizable gift of tea, honey, and other treats as a token of your affection.

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