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Tasty Ribbon’s Tie It Back Program

Through our Tie It Back program, we’re making our gifts a tie to community and sustainability. By reusing your empty gift boxes, we keep them out of the trash and in circulation to be rewrapped and enjoyed by the next person. Over and over again.

Not only does this create a circular economy, meaning none of the wrapping goes to waste and less new materials are used, but the pre-loved presents act as ribbon that ties our community together too.

And to meet one good deed with another, we’ll reward you for any gift boxes returned and put back into good use. It’s a gift that keeps giving back.

How it works

Step 1: Unwrap & enjoy your gift

First, enjoy unwrapping your gift and savoring all of the specialties inside. You deserve it!

Step 2: Pack the empty box & send it to back

Prepare the empty gift and wrappings, and send it back to us with the prepaid, included USPS shipping label.

Step 3: Register the return online

After you’ve mailed the box, use the Return button above to register the return with just your name and email address.

Step 4: Get rewarded with a $10 credit

As a thank you, you get rewarded with a $10 credit to use across our entire collection of goodies & gifts.

Step 5: We’ll put your box back in use

We’ll reuse the gift box for the next person, tying us all together and supporting sustainability.

Our Sustainable Commitment

Our commitment to sustainability goes back to our beginning. Since the beginning, we’ve worked exclusively with a select network of small-batch or family-owned producers across Italy that share a deep connection to their land and its goods. For these artisans, it’s incredibly important to preserve their land for future generations; meaning we share the same goal of bringing you the best of Italy with respect and care for its territory.

And we’re proud to offer greener options for corporate gifting too. An estimated 40% of corporate gifts, including the typical items like hoodies, mugs, merch and more, end up in landfills, but an edible one won’t go to waste.

To our entire community at Tasty Ribbon, thank you for joining us to tie together our shared love for people, our planet and, of course, great food.


As a thank you for helping us support sustainable practices, we’ll reward you with a $10 credit every time you return a gift box to be put back into good use.
We’ll email you a special discount code as soon as we receive your gift box back, which usually takes about a week.

Yes, it’s completely free to return your gift box with the pre-paid shipping label included in your gift box. In fact, you’ll even save on your next purchase with a $10 reward for returning your gift box. It’s a win-win!

There’s no deadline to send your gift box back and still earn your reward, but the sooner you send your gift box back, the sooner we can put it back into use and reduce the need for creating more boxes with new materials.