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Our Story

We believe food is a tie between people, places and memories.

Our story begins in Todi, Italy, where our founder Giulia shared her earliest memories celebrating good food and enjoying never-ending Sundays around the dining table with her family.

Unique Gourmet Gifts | Todi and Giulia Scargetta, Founder and CEO | Tasty Ribbon | Shop Online Unique Gourmet Gifts | Todi and Giulia Scargetta, Founder and CEO | Tasty Ribbon | Shop Online

She brought her love for food with her to New York in 2018 where it rested at the heart of friendships and conversations. For Giulia, food was a way to connect, and she wanted to share with her friends the experience and taste of Italy. 

What she found, however, was that there were no food gifts that could match the flavors and authenticity she grew up knowing.

So she created Tasty Ribbon: a modern food gift experience where people can savor the flavor of authentic artisanal products from Italy with a one-of-a-kind personal touch.

Discover the True Craftmanship

Fast-forward to today. Tasty Ribbon provides simple, hand-selected natural ingredients combined in stunning flavors, made with excellence and craftsmanship, and delivered in bespoke packaging right to your door. The gifts we deliver are as just delightful to give as to receive - gifts you can be excited and proud of. Whether you’re sending a food box to friends, family, colleagues, or clients, you’ll find something for everyone. You’ll even find something for yourself. Go on, you deserve it.

What’s in our Name?

We think the 'Tasty' in our name speaks for itself. It represents our mission to ensure every bite you take fills you with authentic Italian flavor, just as Giulia first envisioned. 

The ‘Ribbon’ is twofold - it’s a nod to the sensation of unboxing a gift basket that truly delights the senses, but also depicts a tie between giver and receiver, connecting both back to our artisans that source each product in the heart of Italy.