Coffee O'Clock

Is there anything better than coffee? Surely not, especially when accompanied with chocolate and a luxurious cappuccino spread! Make them start the day with a spoon (or two!) of the spread on cookies, pancakes or toasts. If they're on the go and just need a quick recharge, the milk chocolate-covered coffee beans and the dark chocolate bar with coffee filling will deliver.

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What's Inside the Box

Cappuccino spread image
Cappuccino spread SIZE: 4.9 oz

Capturing the essence of cappuccino in a spread is no easy task, but Cascina San Cassiano succeeded with this product. Not overly sweet but definitely overly delicious, this cappuccino cream goes well with cakes, cookies, pancakes - or on its own. Pair with coffee for to keep the magic going. 

Coffee bean dragées image
Coffee bean dragées SIZE: 4.23 oz

Coffee beans dipped in 36% milk chocolate. Enough said. Decadent, moreish, and utterly delicious, these T’a Milano coffee and chocolate spheres are a beautiful end to any meal. Accompany with a real coffee, preferably with your eyes closed.

Dark chocolate bar with coffee filling image
Dark chocolate bar with coffee filling SIZE: 1.06 oz

Size doesn’t matter in this flavor-packed punch. Go with T’a Milano on a journey into Italian excellence as they combine the finest chocolate with locally sourced coffee from Naples. This gourmet bar is a must-have essential in every bag, backpack, or purse for all your energy - or chocolate - emergencies.

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