T'A Milano

T'A Milano

If it’s true that passion is transmitted by genes, brothers Tancredi and Alberto Alemagna inherited the one for all things chocolate and confectionery. They take after their father, Gioacchino, who learned to turn chocolate and pastry into edible works of art in the 1920s.

Made in Lombardy

A land rich in history, Lombardy is where nature, art and innovation blend seamlessly. It’s only fitting that this region in Milan houses T’a Milano, where the land’s distinctive flavors mix with the brothers’ own spontaneity to inspire their creations.

A Sweet Union

Today, the company operates under the name “T’a”, the initials of both brother’s names, symbolizing how their passion for confectionary art brings them together and ties them to a family tradition that began a century ago.

Confectionary Magic and Mastery

Today T’a’s array of gorgeous award-winning products is a credit to the mastery of tradition in Milan, where they make magic out of the freshest ingredients – Piedmont hazelnuts, Sorrento lemons and Sicilian pistachios, to name a few.

From the nutty spreads to the mini cones and the hot chocolate, their works of art will make you salivate and keep wanting more.

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