Cascina San Cassiano

Cascina San Cassiano

Cascina San Cassiano has a rich history, dating back to 311 AD. They bring the finest ingredients, all traceable to parts of Italy, to Piedmont to create an array of products like olive oil, sauces, sweet delicacies and more.

Made in Piedmont

Piedmont, nestled in the heart of the Langhe, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its agricultural output. It’s home to Cascina San Cassiano, where their respect for the land inspires their use of organic fertilizers to preserve the natural quality of the ingredients.

Built on Tradition

Cascina San Cassiano’s first production plant was established in a historical building, originally serving as a Benedectine monastery of the middle age period. Today, the company’s logo preserves the image of that very building.

Sustainable Enjoyment

Entirely powered by renewable energy and only using reusable packaging, Cascina San Cassiano works to share their creations with the world in a way that can be sustained for future generations.

Each of their recipes is designed to surprise you and allow you to truly enjoy every moment of eating it, because they believe it is at the dinner table that one learns to enjoy life.

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