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Vestri Cioccolato

Vestri | Artisan Italian Gift Baskets | Tasty Ribbon

A name linked to chocolate in the Arezzo area of Tuscany for over half a century, Vestri has always been a family affair. Now run by Danielo and Stefania, the son and daughter-in-law of original founders Alberto and Mariana, Vestri takes pride in every part of the chocolate-making process.

Made in Tuscany

A combination of vineyards, grassy hills and some of the most recognizable Renaissance art in the world characterize this region of central Italy. Tuscany is a gastronomic paradise, and one with a particular sweet spot for chocolate.

From the Source

Vestri is one of the only chocolatiers in the industry to own a cocoa plantation in the Caribbean. From this, they can guarantee a high-quality raw material while also respecting their employees’ working conditions and local biodiversity.

A Delicate Balancing Act

Vestri balances the 500-year long tradition of chocolate with their pursuit of innovation, experimenting with new and bold flavors in chocolate that retain its classic opulence. The synthesis of history, innovation, quality and refinement offers a new and spontaneous way to propose the excellence of “Made in Italy”.

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