Pastificio dei Campi

Pastificio dei Campi

On the beautiful Amalfi Coast, Pastificio dei Campi produces their unmatched pastas with a dedication to sustaining the long-lived traditions of Gragnano.

Made in Campania

Gragnano is recognized for producing the finest pasta since the 16th century - so much so, that it’s been designated a Protected Geographical Indication by the European Union to denote its exceptional manufacturing history. It’s said that this town’s main street was built to capture the mountain breeze mixed with sea air for pasta makers as they hung their spaghetti out to dry like laundry.

Some Things are Worth Waiting for

By sacrificing high yields and using a three-year rotation cycle to prevent soil impoverishment, Pastificio dei Campi proves their dedication to quality and the revolutionary concept of complete traceability throughout the production chain.

Carefully Crafted Excellence

The wheat used by Pastificio dei Campi is sourced by local growers who celebrate the golden crop without a trace of chemical fertilizer, and every stage of production is given the time needed to create a pasta worthy of its name.

Excellence takes time, and at Pastificio dei Campi they are not afraid to wait. You can even find evidence of their quality featured in Forbes.

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