An Italian Take on Thanksgiving

Blog posts An Italian Take on Thanksgiving

Like any group of immigrants who came to the United States, Italians brought their own unique cultural and more importantly, culinary traditions. While Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Italy, Italian Americans wasted no time embracing the holiday and adding their own twist to the traditional meal of turkey, stuffing, and all the usual sides. Generations later, Italian food is an American staple with a welcome seat at any Thanksgiving table.

Pasta for Thanksgiving?

Though there are some Thanksgiving purists who may turn their noses at seeing a pasta dish alongside their turkey, few can refuse a bowl of the classic Italian comfort food. “Tortelli di zucca”, a traditional pumpkin ravioli from the Parma region, perfectly captures the familiar flavor of the traditional feast. With this dish, no one will miss the sweet potatoes or the pumpkin pie.

Italian food is loved the world over, and any number of dishes are perfect for a long, lazy day of snacking while watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade and the big football game. A classic antipasti plate makes for delicious grazing when loaded with Italian cured meats and cheeses, seasoned olives, jams, honey, and other fine spreads. For the sweets lover, there is no shortage of Italian confections. Satisfy any sweet tooth with the biscotti, fine chocolates, pistachios, and hazelnut spreads the country is known for.

Integrating Classic Italian Flavors

Another way to have an Italian-style Thanksgiving is to simply incorporate the beloved Italian flavors and seasonings into the usual dishes. For example, bacon is a common fixture at Thanksgiving, and we all know why: it’s salty, fatty, and delicious to cook with. For an Italian twist, try substituting bacon with pancetta. Pancetta is an Italian ham, but it is often fattier and even more flavorful than traditional American style. Mixing pancetta and garlic into mashed potatoes is an incredible way to elevate the typical buttery side dish.

Whether you are having your meal in an Italian home or not, whoever is cooking will surely be using olive oil and Italian herbs such as rosemary and oregano. Thanksgiving is never better than when it’s made with high-quality, simple ingredients and a lot of love. No one does that better than an Italian-inspired cook.

Give Thanks with Italian Foods and Flavors

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