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Dos And Don’ts Of Corporate Holiday Gifting 2022

Dos And Don’ts Of Corporate Holiday Gifting 2022

Are you on the hunt for unique corporate holiday gifts for your clients or employees? Allow us to let you in on a little secret. Here’s the secret: there are certain things we would recommend not to do when buying corporate gifts. The good news is you no longer have to worry because we’ve made a list of all the most important dos and don’ts when it comes to finding the perfect corporate holiday gifts. Read on to learn which things you shouldn’t do to avoid embarrassing faux pas, and what you should do to ensure your giftees are delighted with their presents.

Don’t Do These Things

Don’t give them something they can’t use No one likes to receive gifts that they don’t have a use for, so make sure that whatever you give your clients or employees, has a purpose. For example, everyone can enjoy artisanal gourmet foods and home accessories like natural ingredient scented candles.

Don’t forget to ask about dietary restrictions Gourmet food boxes are always a popular choice when it comes to corporate gifting. If you go that route, don’t forget to ask if your clients or employees have any dietary restrictions. Some people are intolerant to gluten or have chosen to eat vegan, and you certainly don’t want to leave them out of the holiday fun! For your giftees who do eat a special diet, remember that we offer gluten-free and vegan options.  

Don’t compromise on quality You may be tempted to save on presents, especially if your list is a large one. This is a common mistake because you are risking getting low-quality gifts. While focusing on quality, look for gourmet gifts with polished packaging even in smaller sizes instead. High-quality corporate gifts go a long way to making your clients or employees feel special, a sentiment that will be much appreciated this holiday season.

Do These Things Instead

Do give something unique Your corporate clients deserve something more wonderful than just a plain old gift basket full of cheap snacks. If you want to give them a present that’s unique, beautiful, and, most important of all, gourmet, look no further. At Tasty Ribbon, we offer lots of tantalizing options for delicious Italian food gifts for the holidays, including chocolates, extra virgin olive oil, gluten-free cakes, pasta, truffles, and more. Choose the ones you feel your giftees would enjoy the most, crafted with love and care by some of Italy’s finest culinary artisans.

Do personalize your gift A beautiful way to show your clients or employees how much you value them during the holidays is to give them custom gift boxes. Simply build your own gift box online, by choosing the items you believe the giftee would enjoy the most and add a personal note at the end. We’ll wrap it all up in bespoke packaging that you can customize with your corporate logo using our Corporate Concierge. The process is quick and easy, yet it still reflects your company identity and highlights your personal attention to everyone who works with or for you.

Do shop early Always shop for corporate holiday presents early! We recommend you order your corporate gifts no later than the end of November, to avoid any delays so you’ll be able to get them in time for the Holidays. Keep these dos and don’ts in mind, and your clients and employees are sure to love their corporate holiday gifts this year.