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Mamma Mia!

This box is all about spring colors, full of orange and yellow. If you know a mom who loves to travel and cook (even if she can never find the time!), she will savor this luxurious selection of Italian treats. There's something special for every meal: orange cookies for breakfast, pasta and pasta sauce for lunch, savory cookies and tomato spread for aperitivo, and chocolate treats to be enjoyed as a dessert after dinner. The finest extra virgin olive oil and aged balsamic vinegar from Modena complete the picture in great style!

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What's Inside the Box

Pesto for bruschetta image
Pesto for bruschetta SIZE: 5.1 oz

The best ingredients of the traditional Mediterranean table, interpreted by recipes able to enhance their quality: this is what makes Ursini pesto such a powerful flavor. Each jar is a perfect combination of ingredients. The pesto for bruschetta packs a tomato-flavored punch and will make any bruschetta, sandwich, panini, or pasta come to life.

Chocolate truffles image
Chocolate truffles SIZE: 6 oz

Chocolate truffles are mouthfuls of bliss on a good day. Vestri take truffles to the realm of the sublime. Made with Tonda Gentile Trilobata hazelnuts from Piedmont, these truffles melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. And more. And more. Perfect with hot beverages and dessert wines, they are a happy ending to any culinary fairy tale.

Orange sticks dipped in dark chocolate image
Orange sticks dipped in dark chocolate SIZE: 4.23 oz

If fruit were given to kids in this guise, the five-a-day rule would be unnecessary. Children and adults alike would gladly consume five an hour. These candied orange sticks designed by T’a Milano's master chocolatiers are dipped in beautiful dark chocolate. Perfect for any time of the year, they can be eaten on their own, with gelato or hot chocolate, or as a garnish for a very lucky cake.

Savory cookies with tomato and oregano image
Savory cookies with tomato and oregano SIZE: 2.82 oz

Savory palates have finally found their match! A delicious gourmet snack available in 4 flavors: parmesan cheese, Mediterranean herbs, tomato and oregano, and sesame. Characterized by wholesome ingredients and traditional craftsmanship, these snacks are ideal to nibble with friends or on the go.

Cookies with candied orange image
Cookies with candied orange SIZE: 5.64 oz

T’a Milano’s bags of crunchy cookies should be opened under supervision. The fresh candied orange variety is just the right touch of sweet and tart, and goes well with any beverage - we recommend a nice cup of tea. Don’t be sad if you finish the bag in one session. Just move on to the next flavor.

"alla norma" tomato sauce image
"alla norma" tomato sauce SIZE: 7.05 oz

Richness through simplicity. This sauce is an institution, an authentic delicacy that reproduces the best of the traditional Italian kitchen. Made with premium tomatoes, eggplant, and salty ricotta, this sauce is a flavor experience. Serve with generous amounts of grated cheese and red chili flakes for an extra kick.

Extra virgin olive oil – “elementa” collection  image
Extra virgin olive oil – “elementa” collection SIZE: 8.45 fl oz

This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a great character, but also harmony, complexity and balance. Never intrusive, indeed, it is the right ingredient for all dishes. Appreciated by lots of chefs for its versatility and democratic nature, it is the perfect mix of flavors and scents. Essential is the best way to describe the new line of Frantoio d’Orazio: black and white geometric shapes liven up the new Elementa Collection. 

"goduria" - white chocolate bar with raspberry and lavender image
"goduria" - white chocolate bar with raspberry and lavender SIZE: 1.7 oz

The delicacy and purity of lavender meets the decisive flavor of raspberry, all immersed in the full taste of white chocolate.

"amore" - dark chocolate bar with rose petal image
"amore" - dark chocolate bar with rose petal SIZE: 1.7 oz

Rose petals, natural rose aroma, brush strokes of white chocolate on a dark chocolate base are the components for this gourmet chocolate bar.

Spaghetti by pastificio mancini image
Spaghetti by pastificio mancini SIZE: 17.6 oz

Pasta-making in the Marche tradition requires two additional ingredients that aren’t found in the pantry: endless patience and love for the trade. After a forkful of the spaghetti Mancini, you will know this is true. Match it with any sauce you can think of and a tasty affair is guaranteed.

Aged balsamic vinegar of modena "gold seal" i.g.p.  image
Aged balsamic vinegar of modena "gold seal" i.g.p. SIZE: 8.45 fl oz

Balsamic vinegar of Modena I.G.P. aged in wooden barrels for 12 years from the Collection Grand Chefs. Ideal for meat, fish, seafood, caviar, tartare, cheese, fruit mix, ice-cream, yogurt, pancakes, decorations and topping or pure as a digestif at the end of the meal.

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