Pastificio Mancini

Pastificio Mancini

In the heart of the Marche region of Italy, there sits a farm that produces pasta in the middle of a wheat field. This is Pastificio Mancini, where pasta is made exclusively with the durum wheat they harvest each year in their golden fields.

Made in Marche

This eastern Italian region sits between the Apennine Mountains and the Adriatic Sea. “Off the beaten path”, Marche is home to sandy coves, limestone cliffs, medieval villages and of course, stretches of wheat. Pastificio Mancini’s pasta is a pure expression of these golden fields.

True to the Land

The pasta made at Pastifico Mancini is seasonal and reflective of the agricultural conditions of the year. They believe this variation, rather than a flaw, reflects how the pasta is true to the wheat fields it comes from.

Tradition and Technology Together

Pastificio Mancini ensures their pasta’s quality through their process that encompasses everything from selecting the seeds for the wheat through harvesting and milling all the way to packaging at their state-of-the-art pasta factory.

This includes their adherence to Good Agricultural Practices, regulated by national and EU standards that allows them to achieve the joint goals of environmental, economic, and social sustainability. This is all symbolic of how they make tradition and technology work in tandem to create the finest pasta possible. The quality of their pasta has not gone without notice, with some of the most revered Michelin-starred chefs in Italy using pasta from Pastificio Mancini.

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