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Top 5 Ways to Keep Customers Top of Mind with Brilliant, Unique Gift Boxes

Top 5 Ways to Keep Customers Top of Mind with Brilliant, Unique Gift Boxes

Keeping a strong connection between your business and its customers is vital to continuing the relationship. Whether you’re seeking thank you gifts or congratulating customer success, whatever you choose will have a long impact on how they feel about your company. Keeping customers top of mind is probably part of your company’s values and permeates throughout the organization in everything you do.

When it comes to gift giving, your focus is on what would be most useful and meaningful to the customer. That’s why it’s essential to focus on quality, craftmanship, and uniqueness. You can combine all of those things with the best food baskets that offer a touch of personalization and passion.

Let’s explore five ways to keep customers top of mind with food baskets that will wow them and strengthen the bonds between company and customer.

1. Focus on quality, not showing off

The amount of money you spend isn’t the objective with thank you gifts for customers. While you could spend an exorbitant amount of money on items in the hopes it will make your customers more loyal, you should really focus on quality. When looking at the best food baskets to send your customers, create a combination that is authentic and crafted by only the best artisans.

Because these are your customers, you should know them well, and your gift choices should echo this. Handcrafted food baskets have a level of genuineness you won’t find with other options. It shows you took time to carefully select the right items, and this has the ability to create stronger bonds.

2. Being generic won’t cut it

Along with not focusing on the price of the item, you also need to be anything but generic. Don’t be the firm that sends us a cookie-cutter food basket with all the usual suspects—crackers, cheeses, etc. Even if these items are expensive, they’re too generic. This could actually lower your brand value with the client. They won’t think it’s special, which means they won’t think they are either.

Create the best food basket celebrating customer success that has unique items that you can’t find anywhere else. This “exclusivity” of products will generate positive feelings from all.

3. Be memorable

When your customer opens their gift, you want it to be a moment that stays with them. And while there are plenty of food baskets that have big bows and look inviting, is this really memorable enough? Probably not; however, what if the packaging of the food baskets was more modern? Gift baskets haven’t exactly evolved over time because many gift basket providers think status quo is fine.

That’s not the impression you want to leave. You want your give to be memorable for some time, so that the next time this customer needs your services or has the opportunity to make a referral, you’re the first thing that comes to mind.

Design a memorable thank you gift basket that has touches of elegance and is presented in a fashion that will really wow.

4. Give your customers an experience

When it comes to contemporary gift giving, think about delivering an experience through physical gifts. With food items that are all created by artisans from Italy, your customers won’t just be able to enjoy a terrific taste, it will transport them to the feeling of being on the streets of Rome or canals of Venice. Taste and smell are senses that often allow us to recall memories. It can also influence them to take their own new adventure, and they’ll recall that it was your gift that gave them the idea.

5. Customize your gifts

Any items can become a promotional item with a logo added, but you’re not looking for some inexpensive assortment of candy with a logo slapped on it. The goal in keeping customers top of mind with gifts is to present them with something they’ll love that also is associated with your brand. The best food gift baskets retain their uniqueness by offering you the opportunity to customize with branding in a sophisticated manner. When seeking out these thank you gifts, seek out providers that offer this.

Keeping customers top of mind means providing them with gifts that deliver memorable experiences and quality items. When searching for the best gifts to thank companies, work with Tasty Ribbon. We only offer high-quality, exceptional artisanal products direct from Italy. Start building your perfect gift basket today.