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Pasta Sauce Gifts

Bring the enticing aroma of Italian cooking to your kitchen with pasta sauce gift sets thoughtfully curated by Tasty Ribbon. Every item in our curated inventory, from the jar of sauce, pasta variety, and olive oil extraction method is chosen from among the best culinary artisans in Italy. Every box is packed with care and meant to recreate the magic and artistry of family heirloom recipes at home.

Tasty Italian Pasta Sauces

Every pasta has an ideal sauce companion, such as the rich earthy flavors of a Genoese pesto sauce tossed with the signature spirals of eliche pasta.  Of all the flavors of Italy, perhaps nothing is so iconic as a classic spaghetti topped with a bright, simple tomato sauce. Our collection of tomato-based pasta sauces includes others with hints of basil, chili, salty ricotta, and more. For those who love a creamy, cheesy topping to their favorite pasta, we haven’t forgotten you! Made with certified Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, our creamy sauce is a beautiful match to a hearty rigatoni or even dipped in crusty bread.

Choose from preselected pasta gift sets or customize your own assortment of sauces to send to your friends, family, and colleagues. Our inventory extends to other fine Italian food gifts for your pantry including, olives, antipasti, cheese, and chocolate.

Why send pasta sauce gift sets?

For Italians, pasta is like a warm welcoming hug. You will be hard pressed to find someone anywhere who does not enjoy it. Even those who’ve had to give it up, never forget the singular sensation of that first al-dente forkful.

Share warm memories with your mother or the person who made your meals growing up by sending an array of their favorite Italian pasta sauces. Send your travel companion a culinary reminder of your past Italian adventures. Pasta sauce gift sets also make for a fun and romantic date night while you spend an evening cooking together at home. Finally, there really is no better way to show co-workers, employees, service workers, and others who make a difference in your life love just how much you appreciate them.

Who ever said you needed a reason to send a gift? Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or just because, Tasty Ribbon has raised the bar on modern food gifting. Browse our large inventory of authentic Italian goods, and let us put together a pasta sauce set or other gift box the next time you want to send something special.

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