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Pasta Gift Sets

Those who try, know how hard it is to capture the essence of truly authentic Italian cuisine in our own kitchens. You can follow the most precise recipe and still fail to deliver the clean, balanced flavor or that perfect al-dente bite you enjoyed so much on tour of Italy. The problem is not your cooking skills; it has everything to do with the ingredients. For that, you need the real thing direct from the source.

Gourmet Pasta Gifts 

Tasty Ribbon’s pasta gift sets are filled with all the components anyone needs to recreate Italy’s most iconic dishes. Treat yourself or surprise your favorite people with locally sourced ingredients to make a true Italian pasta dish right at home.

Not Your Average Noodle

This is not your local grocery store spaghetti. The distinct, nuanced flavor of every noodle in our reflection not just of the wheat and how it was milled, but also the soil where it was grown, the water, the air quality and temperature, sun, and rain.

Italian food gift sets are loved by home chefs and novices alike. Tasty Ribbon imports from the heart of Italy’s Marche region and the Amalfi Coast where farmers harvest native durum wheat grown under the most favorable climate conditions.  The artisans are known for producing some of the country’s finest-quality durum semolina and have been recognized by the EU, one for their commitment to Good Agricultural Practices and another for meeting rigorous criteria to gain the distinction of a “PGI product".

Premium Pasta Gift Boxes and Other Modern, Food Gifting Ideas

From pasta sauce gifts to our one-of-a-kind gift sets will stock your kitchen with the finest oils, pasta, cheeses, and meats so you can work your way through an authentic Italian culinary experience.

Whether you’re shopping for the holidays, an upcoming birthday, or just because, Tasty Ribbon brings food gifting into a new era. Your gifts will be packed in a beautiful, signature-wrapped box to the delight of all the foodies, home cooks, and Italy-lovers in your life. Explore our extensive selection of authentic Italian ingredients, and we will be happy to help customize a memorable gift for your next special occasion.

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