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Celebrating Wedding and Honeymoon Season in Italy

Celebrating Wedding and Honeymoon Season in Italy

Destination weddings have come back full-force after the pandemic. Italy is an all-time favorite of many couples, who choose the sunny peninsula for their wedding, honeymoon, and even for celebrating their anniversary. Perhaps your favorite couple is headed to Italy for their wedding or maybe you celebrated your love in the peninsula years ago, with candlelit dinners in Tuscany, savoring the sun in the south of Italy or romantic tours through capital cities like Milan.   

Whether the memory is yours or it’s the memory of your loved ones, there is always an Italian way to celebrate love, no matter where you are. Actually, there are three ways.

1. The sounds of Italy

There is no wedding or honeymoon without the right soundtrack. Luckily, Italian singers and songwriters know how to be romantic. Depending on your preferences, you can choose from different genres, but there are some songs that you must include in your Italian-inspired playlist. 
Here are five songs that talk about love in all its shades, the ones that will make you cry, but they are joyful tears:
- Questo piccolo grande amore by Claudio Baglioni;
- Mi sei scoppiato dentro il cuore by Mina;
- Luce by Elisa;
- A te by Jovanotti;
- Almeno tu nell’universo by Mia Martini.  
In no time, you will know all of them by heart.  

2. The flavors of Italy

Sweet, savory, creamy, rich, and fresh. If you married in Italy, you still remember every detail of the menu. If you dream of Italy, you have a list of must-try foods and an even longer list of recipes to try. The best way to recreate the flavors of Italy is with one of our Tasty Ribbon gift boxes, filled with authentic specialties sourced from the best small-batch producers in Italy and delivered to your door. It’s the perfect gift for newlyweds and more seasoned couples alike, to keep memories of Italian vacations fresh in the mind and on the palate. Here are the three boxes for your loved ones or yourself, full of romantic and authentic flavors: 


- Love in Bloom. This gift box is ideal to celebrate love in all of its shapes and forms. One of the jewels of this gift is an aged balsamic vinegar of Modena, with the bottle beautifully ornamented with Swarovski crystals as an elegant keepsake. Also included are the makings of a perfect pasta night with an authentic rigatoni pasta, spicy “Arrabbiata” sauce, and rich extra virgin olive oil. Additional specialties to celebrate with are a luscious olives mix, a “Romeo and Juliet” tea sourced from Florence, and even a pair of non-alcoholic Bellini for a toast to love. And finally for a sweet finish, enjoy the taste of gourmet chocolate covered coffee beans, and a selection of chocolate bars featuring unique ingredients of rose petals, cinnamon and more. What better way to celebrate a trip to the altar? 

- Our gift box Taste of Italy makes for the perfect Italian wedding gift to neatly capture many of Italy’s best flavors with “Alla Norma” sauce, pasta, tea, and different types of chocolate. One of the most romantic and exclusive flavors of this gift box is the white truffle and porcini gourmet sauce, delicate and perfect for every meal. 

Pasta 101For all the pasta lovers out there, this box has it all! Enjoy the penne with a pesto of your choice, and you will have a tasteful dinner or lunch ready in less than 20 minutes. Our pestos come in three different flavors: artichokes, basil and pine nuts, and black olives and dried tomatoes. We have also included a bottle of extra virgin olive oil to add that extra touch of gourmet to your plate. 

These gift boxes make the ideal wedding gift because they are a celebration of both great love and great food.  

3. The Italian Aesthetic

So, you have your playlist ready and the menu set. Now it’s time to set the tone for you or your loved ones, with a good movie or good book as the perfect companion during a flight to Italy’s boot as an escape to transport yourself there instantly. Here are three books and three movies that celebrate love, the Italian way. 

The Postman. This 1994 movie features Italian stars such as Massimo Troisi and Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Made of poetry and beauty, this title shows how love can change someone, for the better. 

- To Rome with Love is a romantic comedy and the Eternal city is the main protagonist, not just the frame around the stories created by Woody Allen.

- The Lemon Tree Hotel by writer Rosanna Ley is set in Vernazza, Liguria. With secrets, glamour, and family drama, this book the perfect gifts for love birds.

- The book Under a Sardinian Sky by Sara Alexander tells the story of a difficult but real love between an American soldier and a local island girl, different yet made for each other.  


Now, you have it all. Music, authentic food, and ambience. You are ready to get married in Italy or to relive your memories, one heartbeat at a time.