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Ways to Have an Italian-Inspired Staycation This Summer

Ways to Have an Italian-Inspired Staycation This Summer

There is a saying in Italian, “If the mountain doesn’t go to Maometto, Maometto goes to the mountain.” Instead of waiting for the opportunity, you go towards it.

And it certainly applies to vacations too. If you aren’t able to travel this year or already miss your favorite destination, the good news is that you can bring your preferred Italian place to you. How? With an Italian-inspired staycation or a picnic with the best flavors and traditional dishes from your favorite region.  

Liguria: For the Pasta Masters 

Liguria, a coastal region in northern Italy, is the home country of pesto, the delicious sauce made with basil, extra virgin olive oil, pine nuts and a bit of garlic. With some Parmigiano Reggiano on top, the pasta with pesto is an all-time favorite of locals and foreigners alike. The flavors of this Italian region are fresh, perfect for your summer staycation. With the right pasta, you can bring Liguria to you.  

For you: the Pestos and Pastas box is exactly what you need. It includes the best products to make your own pasta al pesto. Inside the box, you will find rich extra virgin olive oil, authentic penne pasta, and the Genovese pesto sauce. For your appetizer, you can try a twist on traditional pesto in form of the artichoke spread and the sun-dried tomatoes with olive tapenade. Spread across toasted bread, you can enjoy a delicious gourmet bruschetta. Italian style. 

Lombardy: For the Lovers of Luxury 

In Italy, cooking is more than a necessity. It’s an art, where every ingredient counts. One of the most elegant and unique ingredients is saffron, the golden spice. In Lombardy, chefs and amateur cooks alike love their risotto with saffron. Creamy, delicate, and traditional, this dish will be a show-stopper for your dinner guests. 

For you: our Golden Saffron box includes Carnaroli rice, Grana Padano cheese, and the star of the show: pure saffron pistils. You can use them to make the perfect Milanese risotto at home or even as a little sprinkle on top of your appetizers and desserts, for a golden touch of color.  

Umbria: For the Truffle Hunters 

Summer in Italy is a magical season, especially in Umbria, a region of wine hills, historic villages, and forested areas. In these woods, you can find peaceful moments in tranquil nature, hiking trails with stunning views, and one of the region’s greatest treasures - truffles. These flavorful and intense culinary gems give your dishes a strong and unique flavor that can only come from the best Umbria gourmet food products.  

For you: our Truffle Interlude box brings you the different souls of truffle. It includes truffle in the form of a honey, butter, sauce including mushrooms and slices of truffle. Plus, you will find a truffle-infused extra virgin olive oil and Carnaroli rice to make a delicious truffle risotto. Whether enjoyed as a side or as the highlight of the main dish, truffle is the right choice to create an indulgent Italian staycation.

Tuscany: For the Foodie Dreamers 

Tuscany is one of the most popular destinations in Italy, and for a good reason. Its history, sweeping views of both the countryside and ancient cities, wine, and food make this region unique. Within its hidden hills, beaches, woods, and mountains: Tuscany has it all. So does our themed box, which will take you on a tasteful journey with products sourced from the famed region.  

For you: Our Postcard from Tuscany box features the top Toscana gourmet food products, the ones that get you salivating. Extra virgin olive oil, a selection of luscious spread, chocolate, pestos, and teas: Tuscany is sweet and savory. And it’s not too far, thanks to our gift box of hand-selected Tuscan specialties.   

With these boxes filled with exclusive goodies sourced from across some of Italy’s greatest regions, your staycation will become an experience in itself. You’ll be transported on a culinary journey through Italy with all the pleasures but none of the hassle. So which staycation will you create?