In the bustling heart of Venice in May of 1931, Giuseppe Cipriani realized a lifelong dream. He swung open the doors of Harry's Bar, tucked away from the bustling Piazza San Marco. What followed was the birth of an Italian institution that has enchanted the world for over 90 years.
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Made in Venice

The metropolitan island of Venice, often referred to as the "City of Canals," stands as an enduring symbol of beauty and luxury in Italy. Built upon a network of picturesque waterways and filled with historic palaces, artistic churches, and charming piazzas, the city evokes a sense of timeless elegance. For many centuries, the island city has been a place that inspires creation, being the home of brilliantly colored Murano glass, intricately woven Burano lace, and, of course, the Peach Bellini.

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Four Generations of Style

Four generations of the Cipriani family have turned one beloved bar into a universally recognized icon of hospitality through their unmatched dedication to pleasure, taste, and style.

The Birth of The Peach Bellini

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The bar became a meeting point for writers, artists, actors, royalty, and even nobility. And it’s here that Giuseppe invented the legendary Peach Bellini cocktail by blending white peach purée with Prosecco, creating a drink that captured the essence of Venetian elegance and taste. Celebrated for its delightful flavor and charm, the Peach Bellini quickly became a beloved classic worldwide and today Cipriani bottles the cocktail mixer to be enjoyed from anywhere. And it’s only one of many impressive accomplishments from the treasured Italian brand.

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Beyond Harry’s Bar, Giuseppe continued to pursue his passion for fine food and sophisticated hospitality by inventing the carpaccio dish of finely sliced raw meat, opening the deluxe Hotel Cipriani on the water in Venice and many more feats. Giuseppe's son, Arrigo Cipriani, and the following four generations have continued to expand the family's commitment to hospitality with 30 businesses across the globe including high-quality pasta production, an elegant selection of refined restaurants and lounges, and a collection of Casa Cipriani hotels in New York, Miami and more.

Harry's bar with Bellini from Cipriani