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The original inventor of truffle-infused pasta, Tartuflanghe has been a pioneer in imaginative truffle delicacies for nearly 50 years. Founder Beppe Montanaro first channeled his passion for truffles into a restaurant in 1968 Alba, Italy before expanding to create truffle-infused goods that can be enjoyed from anywhere.
white truffle from Tartuflanghe for Tasty Ribbon
historical picture for Tartuflanghe

Made in Langhe

Home to the world's most precious and globally renowned truffles, Alba, Italy lies in the heart of the Langhe region. The Langhe’s rolling hills hide precious vines, ancient villages, stone castles with sweeping views, and wooded lands that grow unmatched black and white truffles, making it a true paradise for lovers of fine food and wine.

Alba Langhe region

Truffle Tradition and Innovation Collide

To capture the taste of each truffle unlike any other, the family behind Tarfuflanghe invented a highly specialized and trademarked process to naturally and perfectly preserve the flavor.

A Family Grown Business

black truffle tie

With the help of Beppe’s wife, Domenica, and children, the family-run business has grown to new heights to create a vast collection of creative truffle-infused goods, bringing the prestigious truffle to rich pastas, the ultimate truffle chips, truffle chocolates and more.

Truffle pasta for Tasty Ribbon
white truffle Tasty Ribbon

And their dedication to expertly preserving the incredible flavor of truffle has earned Tartuflanghe global acclaim and awards, with their specialties being used in some of the world’s best restaurants and hotels.

black truffle gathering from Tartuflanghe