Since 1922, artisan Galup has baked their cakes to the utmost standard of excellence and with a deep dedication to deliciousness. Started over 100 years ago by Italian pastry chef Pietro Ferrua, Galup was born from an idea to reimagine the traditional Panettone cakes with a tasty local twist from the region of Piedmont - a hazelnut icing made with the world’s most famous hazelnuts.
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Galup Panettone

Made in Piedmont

Italy’s Piedmont region sits at the foot of the Alps, with rolling hills and rich soil that make it the perfect place for acres upon acres of hazelnut trees to sprout. Only here, a special and prized varietal of IGP hazelnuts grows with a rich, creamy, and full-bodied flavor that is second to none. And in a region renowned for its hazelnuts, it’s no surprise that many sweet inventions originate here.

Pinerolo landscape

A Deep Dedication to Deliciousness

At Galup, flavor comes first. Even the business’ name is a tribute to tastiness and indulgence with Galup meaning “delicious” and “greedy” in the local dialect of founder Pietro Ferrua’s home in Piedmont.

Inspired Ovens For 100 Years

Slice of Panettone dipped in milk

Over the last century, each generation of the family has continued to keep creativity in the form of pastry alive at Galup. Today, Galup’s vast collection of Panettone continues to reimagine the standard Italian cake with the soft, fluffy dough blended with unique flavors of white chocolate, wild berries, peaches, cherries, caramel, custard and more – all made with excellent Italian ingredients.

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Panettone wrapping from Galup

And their Traditional Pandoro cake is no less special, featuring a soft vanilla flavor and a golden hue from the fresh egg yolks blended into the batter with creamy butter and other genuine ingredients. Both cakes are a staple Italian holiday dessert and give unmatched joy in each slice.

Galup Pandoro from the team