San Pietro a Pettine

San Pietro a Pettine

For the founder of Tenuta San Pietro Pettine, Carlo Caporicci, the love for truffles runs through his family tree. His uncle Nello was a pioneer of unique truffle specialties since 1948 and introduced Carlo to the world of truffles at a young age. At his first taste, a dream was born. And fortunately, his homeland of Umbria provided the perfect grounds to bring his vision to life.
San Pietro a Pettine Truffles
White Truffle Tagliolini

Made in Umbria

Often called the green heart of Italy, the Umbria region has a wealth of sprawling vineyards, lush hills with medieval cities perched at their tops, and centuries old forests that hide some of the country’s greatest truffle treasures. And at the foot of the Appenine Mountains rests the small town of Tenuta San Pietro a Pettine, a land that one man has turned into a truffle haven.

San Pietro a Pettine Location in Umbria

Building on Truffle Tradition

With a streak of creativity inherited from his family, Carlo created his truffle boutique with a vision to build upon long-established truffle traditions with new creations. He combines world-class truffles with other excellent ingredients including butter, honey, salt, cream and more to invent delicious new combinations.

A Business Rooted in Family

Dog truffle hunting

And Carlo brought his ideas for novel truffle treats to fruition with the helping hands of his whole family, including his wife, daughters, mother and even childhood friends who are all deeply dedicated to business. And, of course, important members of the family include their team of truffle hunting dogs, who guide them through wild truffle groves to find prized black and white truffles.

San Pietro a Pettine Tenuta
Truffle Butter Pasta for Thanksgiving

They then carefully preserve the earthy jewels and turn them into unforgettable truffle specialties that can be enjoyed from anywhere. Their collection includes a rich white truffle sauce to top your favorite pasta, an array of truffle butters bringing two indulgences together, a white truffle honey that naturally shines with both umami and sweet flavors and more delicacies that will transport you to the lush landscape of Umbria.

Truffle Butter Spread on Bread