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Pasticceria Cova

Pasticceria Cova

Since opening its doors in the elegant heart of Milan in 1817, café and pastry shop Pasticceria Cova has been a favorite venue of fashionable crowds including artists, intellectuals, academics, and even famous clientele, such as author Ernest Hemingway and composer Giuseppe Verdi. Known for their refined interior and superb pastries, cakes and sweets, the shop has cemented its reputation for excellence for over 200 years.
Cova Pasticceria Picture
Cake from Pasticceria Cova

Made in Milan

Milan’s cosmopolitan mix of luxury, art, gastronomy and culture has earned the city a reputation as an international destination and celebrated fashion capital. And Pasticceria Cova embodies the best of Milan, sitting in the city’s most luxurious shopping street, Via Monte Napoleone. In addition to the pastry shop, the lavish street boasts a plethora of famed fashion houses including Prada, Valentino, Loro Piana and more, as well as sophisticated jewelers Pomellato, Harry Winston and Tiffany’s to name a few.

Milan Galleria

The Secret to 200 Years of Success

For over two centuries, Pasticceria Cova has reigned as the premiere café for high society in Milan and each bite of a Cova pastry tells the secret to such long-lasting success – an unchanged passion for perfection.

Passion for Perfection

Panettone with Chocolate

But of all of Cova’s magnificent creations from fruit tarts to jam-filled croissants, the Panettone is the most beloved. Each of their classic Panettone is carefully crafted by a team of expert pastry chefs to create a sweet, fluffy dough that pairs perfectly with a rich filling of raisins and candied oranges to make every bite pure pleasure.

Cova Panettone with Tasty Ribbon Box exchange
Cova Panettone in Gold Wrapping

Cova’s iconic panettone is undoubtedly a symbol of the Italian holidays. The cake’s unparalleled taste and impeccable presentation with a beautiful gold wrapping and charming bow make it a favorite gift shared between friends and loved ones for Christmas.

Cova panettone leavening process