World-famous chocolatier Venchi’s story began in 1878 when a young Silviano Venchi spent his life savings to open a small chocolate shop in the royal city of Turin, the capital of Italy’s Piedmont region. Here, he experimented with the art of chocolate and refined Italian ingredients until he perfected his craft.
Venchi spread on sliced bread
gelato cone with chocolate

Made in Piedmont

In the northeast of Italy, the Piedmont region has a lush landscape and a long history as a royal residence making it a haven for delicacies of precious truffles, prized wines and fine chocolates. The region’s capital city, Turin, has been the chocolate heart of Italy dating back to the 17th century and is the place of origin of hot chocolate, hazelnut chocolate spreads and more cocoa-infused goodies.

145 Years of Chocolate Excellence

Over a century of passion, attention to detail and an experimental spirit have continued to set Venchi apart and cement their reputation as one of the most elegant and renowned chocolatiers in Italy and beyond.

Global Satisfaction

Today, Venchi brings the authentic, sophisticated taste of their chocolate across Italy and beyond with chocolate shops in New York, London, Hong Kong and more. Rooted in Italian excellence, their vast collection of cocoa treasures combines refined ingredients with top-quality chocolate to create rich chocolate-hazelnuts spreads, bite-sized chocolate truffles, cremino chocolate bars, and many more treats.

Venchi hazelnut spread

And during the holiday season, Venchi’s specialties shine especially bright. Their festive goodies make the holidays even sweeter with chocolate-filled star-shaped ornaments to decorate the tree, gourmet advent calendars hiding a daily chocolate delight as you countdown to Christmas, and a decorative metal brimming with melt-in-your-mouth chocolates to adorn the mantel and enjoy by the fireplace.

venchi star chocolate ornament