I Potti de Fratini

I Potti de Fratini

I Potti de Fratini is a stunning farm located in the lush hills of the Umbria region, one of the best areas in Italy where to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil. They strongly believe in the passion and commitment for their product. This approach led them to win numerous international awards and to also obtain the prestigious DOP certification. “DOP” literally means “Protected Designation of Origin'' which includes a strict set of guidelines: every step, from production to packaging, is regulated. It ensures that products are locally grown and packaged. It also guarantees that the product is made exclusively by local artisans, using specific traditional methods while respecting technical parameters.

Made in Todi, Umbria

I Potti de Fratini’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced just a few minutes away from Todi, a small town located in the Umbria region, known as the “heart of Italy”. A tranquil city with fine views from its hill above the river Tiber, across hills dotted with isolated hamlets, olive groves, sunflower fields, and rolling farmland. It goes without saying, here olive groves are the protagonists as this is one of the country’s best areas where to produce Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Quality is Tested at Each Stage

The family oversees every stage of the production. From the harvest to the pressing, they make sure everything respects high-quality standards. To manage the whole process and to have control over the entire supply chain, they use their own oil mill located on their private property. Here they work exclusively with olives harvested from their trees. They describe the mill as a special place where year after year "The magic of the green gold" takes place.

Umbrian Soil

The unique richness of the Umbrian soil, combined with attentive extraction techniques and organic farming methods, make it possible to obtain an Extra Virgin Olive Oil with exceptional organoleptic characteristics. All these features come together to create a product rich in quality and polyphenols.

Potti de Fratini is among the founders of the Umbria Food Cluster project which uses IBM Blockchain to give consumers access to the complete production process, offering maximum transparency and reliability.

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