Tartufi Bianconi

Tartufi Bianconi

Mr & Mrs. Bianconi had a dream back in the ‘90s: to share with the world the unforgettable delicacy of truffles from the green heart of Central Italy, Umbria.

Made in Umbria

Located in the lush countryside of the Upper Tiber Valley, Umbria is the heart of Italy’s truffle culture and production. The earthy jewels produced by this land are renowned globally for their quality, making truffle hunting so famous over the years it is now considered an unmissable ritual for many.

The Dream Team

The Bianconis, along with their four-legged companions, Eddie, Houston, Nerina and Pippo, form the perfect team for gathering, processing, and selling their prized black and white truffles.

Nothing but Natural

Excited for a challenge, the Bianconis set out to find ways to stop time and conserve the beautiful symphony that is truffle flavor, using solely natural methods.

Their persistence to meeting the challenge paid off indeed, and by the first bite of any of their products, whether it be butter, sauce, or pasta, your taste buds will know they have succeeded.

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