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3 Gift Boxes for Father’s Day

3 Gift Boxes for Father’s Day

Dads take care of us in so many ways and expect little in return. They are our motivators, protectors, teachers, sounding boards, chauffeurs and more, performing many of these roles graciously, and often without thanks. Father’s Day gives us the opportunity to express our love, adoration, and gratitude to all of the fatherly figures in our lives. 

A gourmet food box from Tasty Ribbon has the qualities that are sure to please most dads, grandfathers, or father figures. All items are imported from artisans and family-owned businesses in Italy, so our gift boxes are filled with delicious foods and spreads he can use to whip up a snack in the kitchen or feast on the grill.

The sleek and classic packaging will pique his curiosity about what's inside, and you’ll be able to include a card that hold a beautifully handwritten Father’s Day message. He’ll be delighted to dig through the box to discover each item, and feel pretty cool when he reads your personal message.

Whether you are seeing your father in-person this year or remaining socially distant, give him a hand selected, bespoke gift box to show him how much he means to you.


Father’s Day Gift Box #1: Create Your Own Cheese Pairing Father’s Day Gift Box

For the dad who:

- Makes “cheesy” jokes

- Appreciates luxury

- Likes to entertain

- Fancies himself a foodie

Who doesn’t love cheese? Creamy, crumbly, in slivers or slices, no one can resist its satisfying deliciousness. Pair a couple of wedges with jammy fig, rich truffle honey, and elegant aged balsamic, and you’ve just curated the perfect Father’s day gift for any man in your life who enjoys the finer things.

With summer just around the corner, this box of savory treats is the perfect addition to Dad’s secret stash of late-night snacks, shared on the porch with Mom over a crisp glass of wine at sunset, or as a quick and elegant solution that is sure to impress those last minute guests with refined palates. 

Curate this box for Dad through our Create Your Own Box feature and add these hand-selected products to your large gift box for a guaranteed-delicious cheese pairing spread: 

Genuine Pecorino Romano Wedge by Fulvi. This ancient cheese is made from 100% sheep’s milk collected in the countryside of Rome and produced in Nepi, 15 miles north of the city. Aged 10 months to 1 year and coated in black wax per tradition, Fulvi® is in a class by itself. 

Organic Fig Preserve by Cascina San Cassiano. Using only the finest figs and cane sugar, this fig jam by San Cassiano has no added color or preservatives. An intense aroma and thick texture make it ideal not only with biscuits and desserts but also with yogurt or our Pecorino Romano cheese for a delicious contrast. 

Parmigiano Reggiano 24 Months D.O.P. Wedge by Ambrosi. This cheese is known as “The King of Cheese” and is famous. This DOP Cheese is made from Cow’s Milk from the specific areas of Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna and Mantua Italy. Aged a minimum of 24 months, it has a delicate, sophisticated taste with a pleasant, slightly herbal fragrance. Grate it over pasta or salad, or eat it in slices. 

White Truffle Honey by San Pietro a Pettine. This honey is a perfect finishing touch to a cheeseboard and excellent with aged Italian cheeses like Pecorino, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Grana Padano. Dad can graze right through the game.

Aged Balsamic Condiment Il Nobile "12 Travasi" by Acetaia Leonardi. This thick dressing has the right balance of sweet-and-sour taste and flavor and it's suitable for savory and sweet food. It’s an ideal pairing for all types of cheeses.

Father’s Day Gift Box #2: Pasta 1-0-1

For the dad who:

- Likes to cook for his family

- Practices “meatless Monday”

- Loves all things Italian

- Wants to step up his dinner game

They say that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. That's true for dads, too. What better way to show dad your love and appreciation than with the perfect comfort food? Our Pasta 1-0-1 box makes a great father’s day gift and includes two robust pasta shapes, three delicious sauces, and a gorgeous olive oil for that special finishing touch. If he’s been saving a bottle of red, this dad’s day gift will be the perfect excuse to break it out. Ideal for fathers who love experimenting with cuisine or dads that need a little extra help in the kitchen. Bonus - Mom’s got the night off.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – “Il D’aragona” Collection by Frantoio d'Orazio. "Il D'Aragona" extra virgin olive oil has a great character, but also harmony, complexity, and balance. It goes well with pasta dishes and is appreciated by chefs for its versatility and democratic nature.

Tomato Sauce with Ricotta and Pecorino Cheese by Cascina San Cassiano. This ricotta and pecorino tomato sauce by Cascina San Cassiano reproduces the best of the traditional Italian kitchen. Tomato is king here, with ricotta and pecorino riding in as knights in shining armor. Serve with a glass of red wine and red chili flake for an extra kick. Gluten free.

Genovese Pesto Sauce by Cascina San Cassiano. A famous, classic pesto recipe from Liguria in northwestern Italy, prepared with basil, pine nuts, pecorino cheese, garlic, and extra virgin olive oil. Cascina San Cassiano pesto sauce goes well with many Italian dishes, like risotto, pasta, and lasagna, and also as a marinade. 

"Arrabbiata" Sauce by Ursini. This Ursini tomato sauce with olive oil and chili is an authentic delicacy that reproduces the best of the traditional Italian kitchen. Translated as “angry,” arrabbiata is the power-packed combination of tomato and chili.  Serve with generous amounts of grated cheese and a glass of red wine to put out the fire.

Eliche di Gragnano by Pastificio dei Campi. Set on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, the small village of Gragnano is home to unrivaled pasta. The eliche in particular, with its signature shape lends itself perfectly to sauces full of character & body such as sauce alla norma. Ideal for a family meal.

Spaghetti By Pastificio Mancini. Pasta-making in the Marche tradition requires two additional ingredients that aren’t found in the pantry: endless patience and love for the trade. After a forkful of the spaghetti Mancini, you will know this is true. Match it with any sauce above and dad will feel like a real Italian chef.

Father’s Day Gift Box #3: Create Your Own Outdoor Grilling Father’s Day Gift Box

For the dad who:

- Feels most comfortable when tending an open flame

- Likes to kick back and relax

- Considers himself a carnivore connoisseur

- Deserves the finer things in life

What do you give the grill master who has everything? More grilling gifts, of course! This box includes everything your dad needs for a summer Father’s day feast. Treat him to a taste of luxury with an assortment of grilling and finishing sauces for juicy steaks, thick burgers, flavorful kebabs, or whatever else your dad can dream up - the possibilities are endless. For a truly decadent dish that Dad won’t forget, we recommend serving our black truffle slices atop a succulent filet.

Curate this box for dad through our Create Your Own Box feature and add these hand-selected products to your large gift box for a guaranteed mouth-watering experience: 

White Truffle or Black Truffle Butter by San Pietro a Pettine. For this home-style product, San Pietro a Pettine selected the most fragrant Italian truffles. White truffle butter goes great with grilled meats and more. Black truffle butter is ideal on top of steaks and as a delicious addition to pasta, rice, and vegetables. Choose either white or black truffle butter.

Green Olives and Basil Pesto by Ursini. The green olive and basil pesto by Ursini is an artisanal product that is 100% natural and free of stabilizers and preservatives. Made with the finest ingredients from a traditional Mediterranean table, it will capture you at first taste. Use it to season your meat or spread on the bun. Once opened, nothing is usually left. But if this is the case, we recommend covering the remainder with an excellent extra virgin olive oil and store in the fridge.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – “Elementa” Collection by Frantoio d'Orazio. This Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a great character, but also harmony, complexity and balance. Never intrusive, indeed, it is the right ingredient for all dishes. Drizzle this on kabobs to add taste.

Black Truffle Slices in Oil by Tartufi Bianconi. Courtesy of Tartufi Bianconi, who have handpicked the best truffles in Italy for over 30 years, we give you premium sliced black truffle. You can eat them solo or use them to garnish summer salads and burgers. 

Spicy Sauce by Cascina San Cassiano. Delicious, ready-to-use sauce. Cascina San Cassiano created this gourmet sauce that combines artichokes, bell peppers, and sundried tomatoes with a twist of chili and paprika. A spicy touch for vegetables or starters,it also goes well with grilled meat. Original and rich in flavor, this sauce is preservative-and gluten-free.

We are the only company that offers create-your-own food gift boxes in the gift basket industry. Giving Dad a box overflowing with specialty items curated lovingly by you will allow you to gift thoughtfully but with none of the hassle.

Whether you call him father, dad, pops, old man, grandpa, or your best friend, a gift box of authentic Italian delicacies from Tasty Ribbon will let him know you appreciate all he does for you, today and every day.

For more ideas on what to gift Dad for Father’s Day, view all our curated Italian specialties.