3 Gift Boxes for Bosses

 Gift Boxes for Bosses

When the occasion comes to get your boss a gift (think: birthday, promotion, holiday), it can be a sensitive and tricky task. Even if you have known them for years, it’s a big gamble when buying them anything that depends on personal taste (e.g. décor, wine) or body type (e.g. clothing), and gag gifts risk evoking anger or confusion rather than good will. When you play it safe by gifting run-of-the-mill boss gifts - like a coffee mug or fancy pen – what you’re really saying is: I put as little thought as possible into this present.

So what’s a thoughtful employee to do? If they’re smart, they will opt for something that’s high-quality and personal, without being flashy or touchy. Enter Tasty Ribbon’s elegant gift box selection. With a vast collection of fine Italian specialties, Tasty Ribbon offers a unique gifting choice that is sure to impress and solve the classic dilemma of gift-giving: what do you get the person who has everything? If you suspect this is your boss, a fail-free solution is delicious food and beverage. No one ever complained about having two delicious chocolate bars. There is also safety in variety - if your boss is not a fan of one item (though that’s very unlikely), they will still enjoy the other items in the box.

Depending on your relationship with your boss, you may know their interests very closely or not at all. You could be struggling to narrow down your gift ideas or drawing a blank on what to get them. Not to fear - we at Tasty Ribbon know how to curate a beautiful box. We have created 3 gift boxes that are personalized, professional, and perfect for bosses, no matter the occasion.

Boss Gift Box 1: Condiments Trio

If your boss brings a homemade lunch to the job (leftovers count too), then they will love this trio of flavor favorites.

Simone Olive Oil: Fine taste, special character. A pleasant journey through Frantoio d’Orazio’s cultivars led us to this unique extra virgin olive oil, the best ingredient for enhancing vegetables and meat with character and elegance. A medium green fruitiness with herbaceous notes of turnip tops and green tomatoes is the trademark of rural Puglia. This oil has vibrant complexity, good astringency, and a spicy and persistent scent.

Red Garlic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Decisive character for a brand-new meal experience. Flavored with red garlic, this Ursini extra virgin olive oil is extravagant, surprising, and impossible to resist if you love authentic flavors. Thanks to its aromas, it is the perfect companion to every type of cuisine: rustic sauces, bruschetta, meats, cheeses, soups, and focaccia. Drizzle to your heart’s content!

Aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena "Gold Seal" I.G.P.: Balsamic vinegar of Modena I.G.P. aged in wooden barrels for 12 years from the Collection Grand Chefs. Ideal for meat, fish, seafood, caviar, tartare, cheese, fruit mix, ice-cream, yogurt, pancakes, decorations and topping or pure as a digestif at the end of the meal.

Why your boss will love it: This is one of our most popular gift boxes for a reason. These condiments can upgrade any lunchbox salad to a refined tasting experience. The Simone olive oil is fruity and mild, perfect for a delicate pairing with meats and pastas. The olive oil with red garlic from Sulmona is truly special and unique, given that this vegetable grows in small quantities only in Abruzzo.

Extra credit: These condiments pair exceptionally well with savory cheeses. For an extra touch, add one of our fine cheeses to the box.

Boss Gift Box 2: Written in the Stars

Perhaps you’re still waiting on that holiday bonus. No problem - you don’t have to break the bank for a luxurious gift. And if you don’t know much about your boss’ personal life, don’t fret. All you need for this personalized present is their birthday from the company birthday calendar.

Zodiac Signs Tea Blend: La Via del Tè has developed for each Zodiac sign a special tea blend, reflecting the different personalities and favorite flavors. The perfect gift for anyone, including those who do not take the horoscope too seriously.

Silver-Dusted Hazelnuts dipped in Milk Chocolate: Silver-dusted Piedmont hazelnuts dipped in 36% milk chocolate. Enough said. Decadent, moreish, and utterly delicious, these T’a Milano chocolate spheres are a beautiful end to any meal. Accompany with coffee, preferably with your eyes closed.

Tea Infuser: Everything you need for making loose leaf tea at home.

Why your boss will love it: This is not your grocery store’s tea. La Via del Tè is known for their world-class tea blends that evoke a Florentine sidewalk cafe. In this special collection, they have designed 12 different blends - one for each zodiac sign. Each blend has been specially designed around the personality traits of the zodiac: Sagittarius is fruity, Aries is made with flowers, etc. The zodiac customization is thoughtful and personal, yet a safe choice for any receiver. Pair the tea and delectable hazelnut chocolates for the perfect afternoon pick-me-up. The unique tea tin can also be repurposed as a pen cup, reminding your boss of your thoughtful gift box every day. 

Boss Gift Box 3: Chocolate Triumph

If your boss is always OOO (out of the office) - or wants to be - this gift box is the perfect way to bring some sweet travel inspiration to their desk.

Gianduia “Cremino" Ingot: Delicate gianduia ingot in three types of chocolate: milk, white, and dark. Perfect combination to enhance all the notes of chocolate.

Assorted Chocolate Pralines: Vestri has pulled all the stops with this box of pure delight. Look forward to classic chocolate truffles, orange slices dipped in chocolate, mini cremini, dark chocolate gianduiotti, and more. Perfect with hot beverages and dessert wines, they are a happy ending to any culinary fairy tale.

Hazelnut Gianduja Chocolate Cigar: Nougatine truffle chocolate cigar, filled with cocoa paste and gianduja, covered by a double layer of milk chocolate and 56% dark chocolate. The filling is enriched with caramel pieces whose consistency is reminiscent of the crunchiness of caramelized hazelnut nougatine. The cigar is an occasion to consume chocolate in an original and playful manner. It can be cut into slices and shared or consumed after a meal paired with a whiskey.

Pistachio Spread “La Golosa”: Temptation comes in many forms. If it ever took jar form, it would be La Golosa by Vestri. Italian for “glutton,” no name is more fitting. It’s a velvety spread that takes the rich pistachio flavor to new heights. Its thick and luscious consistency makes it perfect on biscuits, bread, toast, rice crackers, and more. Share responsibly because once you start eating, you won’t be able to stop.

Milk Chocolate Bar with Tangerine Filling: Size doesn’t matter in this flavor-packed punch. Go with T’a on a journey into Italian excellences as they combine the finest chocolate with locally sourced ingredients. Hazelnuts from Piedmont, tangerine from Palermo and coffee from Naples. This gourmet bar is a must-have essential in every bag, backpack, or purse for all your energy - or chocolate - emergencies.

Milk Chocolate Mini Cone: Creativity without limits! Trying these innovative mini chocolate cones gives you an excuse for a sweet and delicious break any time of day. Milk chocolate spheres with a creamy heart in a delicate hazelnut wafer cone, this delicacy delights from the outside in. A perfect example of the creativity and finesse of T’a Milano chocolate artisans, each cone is perfectly balanced, creating taste sensations that last long after they melt in your mouth.

Why your boss will love it: This gift box offers a truly bespoke chocolate tasting experience, rich with different flavors, texture, shapes - where else have you seen an “ice cream cone” made with chocolate? Savvy travelers may recognize some of these artisans from Tuscany. Vestri, for instance, is one of the few chocolate makers in the industry that owns a cocoa plantation where he sources the cocoa and is namesake to the Arezzo area of Tuscany. Everyone can sample this diverse selection of sweets, making it the perfect snack to push through late nights at the office.

While we don’t believe in bribes, a box from Tasty Ribbon is sure to score some points with your supervisor. We know how important it is to find the perfect gift, which is why we carefully select quality artisanal goods straight from Italy. Lovers of quality, luxury, and taste will never be disappointed in our selection of exquisite Italian.