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How to Build Your Own Gift Box

How to Build Your Own Gift Box

DIY gift boxes are a popular gift, especially when you have no idea what to give. They ensure the recipient gets a unique present that has multiple uses, and there is a strong likelihood at least one item will be a pleaser. DIY gift boxes also possess a thoughtfulness that most off-the-shelf gifts can’t deliver.

However, most of us aren’t good at DIY projects, nor do we have the time and tools to assemble something that will be a hit. In this guide, we will show you how to build your own gift box. We’ll use our gourmet food items as examples, but the ideas outlined in this guide can be used with different merchants, or even for a homemade project.

Whether you have tons of inspiration or are at a loss for anything other than a gift card, this guide will help you build your own gift box:

1. Brainstorm three personality traits of the recipient of the gift box

Depending on your relationship to the recipient and your interactions with them, you may find many traits come to mind, or maybe just a few. Either way, choose three characteristics about their life to focus on for the gift box. This way it doesn’t come across as scattered or, on the contrary, one-dimensional.

Here are example personality traits, and how we build gift boxes for them:

The traveler: Instead of heading to the tourist shop, savvy travelers know how to find all of the best spots for purchasing local goods that can’t be found anywhere else. If this sounds like your giftee, consider adding delicacies that can’t be bought in the United States (and specifying that in the card!).

- Balsamic Condiment – Rose Edition (Limited Edition) by Il Borgo del Balsamico
- Santa Maria del Fiore Black Tea by La Via del Tè

The amateur chef: If they love to cook and experiment in the kitchen, consider adding a selection of ingredients they can get creative with:

- Penne by Pastificio Mancini
- Pasta Sauce with Tomatoes, Eggplants, Ricotta Cheese and Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Ursini
- Tomato Spread for Bruschetta by Ursini
- Green Olive and Basil Pesto by Ursini
- Savory Cookies with Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese by T’a Milano
- Savory Cookies with Tomato and Oregano by T’a Milano

The parent: Sharing presents with their kids is inevitable. Include something sweet and child-friendly to delight everyone in the family:

- T'a Milano's Assorted Chocolate Eggs Box
- Assorted Cremini Chocolates in Vintage Tin Box by Venchi

The wine-lover: If they have a wine fridge or go to wine tastings, choose items that will pair well with their favorites:

- Savory Cookies
- Stuffed Carrot and Zucchini Rolls in Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The refined palate: They can taste the difference between store-bought and artisanal and will let you know. Include world-class products they will value:

- Pistachio Spread "La Golosa" (perfect for upgrading s’mores)
- White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Too Busy to Cook: If your giftee has a savage schedule that leaves them ordering-in most days, give them food items that are easy to eat, but are a nice change of pace from greasy take-out. These could be items like:

- Cappuccino Spread by Cascina San Cassiano
- Organic Fig Preserve by Cascina San Cassiano
- Black Truffle Slices in Oil by Tartufi Bianconi
- Pesto for Bruschetta by Ursini

We’re speaking from experience - this is our process for building specialty boxes for corporate clients, such as a virtual conference or a boss sending their employees thank-you gifts for the year.

2. Choose a theme for the gift box

With their personality traits in mind, select products for the gift box that are centered on a theme. You can center the theme on items that complement each other and are visually pleasing. Once you know what type of items you want to include, you can narrow it down even further by choosing products that share the same colors. A great presentation upgrades the gift box experience, and makes it worthy of posting on social media:

Afternoon Tea: For a well-deserved break or “me time” during the day (from breakfast until dinner), and even sinking into the couch at night. Offer a sip of herbal tea to pair with a good book and a chocolate tasting experience:

- White Chocolate with Raspberry and Lavender by Vestri
- White chocolate with Pistachio by Vestri
- Dark chocolate with Rose Petals by Vestri
- Raspberry Preserve by Cascina San Cassiano
- Peach Preserve by Cascina San Cassiano
- “Energy” Herbal Tea with Rooibos, Guarana and Ginger by La Via del Tè
- Tea Infuser by La Via del Tè

If you want to make this box extra special, add a book they’ve been eager to read.

Sweet Tooth: Create a chocolate bonanza, showcasing pralines, spreads, bars, and even tea:

- Gianduja “Cremino" Ingot by Vestri
- Tuscan Truffles by Vestri
- "Il Segreto dei Medici” Chocolate Flavored Green Tea Blend by La Via del Tè
- Tea Infuser by La Via del Tè
- Pistachio Spread “La Golosa” by Vestri

Dinner Night: Upgrade their weeknight dinners with a fine Italian selection:
- Penne by Pastificio Mancini
- Pasta Sauce with Tomatoes, Eggplants, Ricotta Cheese and Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Ursini
- Parmigiano Reggiano DOP Wedge
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chili Pepper by Ursini for the perfect garnish.

Tasty Truffles: If your recipient has a penchant for the finer things in life, consider spoiling them with a selection of decadent truffle products.
- Black Truffle Sauce “Tartufata” by Tartufi Bianconi
- White Truffle and Porcini Mushrooms Sauce by Tartufi Bianconi
- Black Truffle Slices in Oil by Tartufi Bianconi
- Black Truffle Carnaroli Rice by Jimmy Tartufi
- White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Ursini
- Chocolate Truffles (16pcs) by Vestri

Lively Yellows: Don’t forget about presentation! This brightly-colored selection is just the right aesthetic:
- Spaghetti by Pastificio Mancini
- Sauce «Alla Norma» with eggplants and Ricotta cheese by Ursini
- Black Truffle Sauce “Tartufata” by Tartufi Bianconi
- Black Truffle Slices in Oil by Tartufi Bianconi
- 15-year Aged DOP Balsamic Vinegar of Modena by Acetaia Leonardi
- Pralines Assortment by Vestri
- Gianduja “Cremino" Ingot by Vestri

Try to include at least a few items that can be used more than once. The best “gift that keeps on giving” is a tasty treat that they can enjoy again and again.

3. Select your box size

Perhaps you want to send a large gift box full of tasty snacks or a small box with a few world-class products. You will have to consider the occasion of the gift, your relationship to the recipient, and your budget. There is some overlap with the box sizes (both our medium and large boxes could hold 10 items, for example). A good rule of thumb: err on the side of the bigger box for the most protection during shipping.

4. Pick the perfect note

A highlight when you build your own gift box, or order anything from Tasty Ribbon, is a card with your personalized message. Even more special? It’s handwritten! We offer designs for several occasions and a classic card. Don’t worry - they’re all included.

5. Write your message

Again, depending on the occasion and your relationship to the recipient, this may vary from a single sentence of gratitude to an extended message. We have some ideas to get you started. If it’s for...

- A friend’s birthday: Wishing you a wonderful year full of milestones, memories, and meaning.

- A thank-you to a client: Thank you for entrusting us with your business. It is the highest compliment.

- Your parents’ anniversary: Kudos to an amazing couple. Every moment with you is a treasure.

- Your sister’s housewarming: I am so happy for you and your new space. Here are some tasty treats to christen your kitchen.

6. Add your items to the gift box

Don’t be intimidated by our wide selection (yes, we have over 100 products to choose from and with more coming!). You’ll find them organized by category:

- Decadent chocolates
- Tea & Biscuits
- Aperitivo
- Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Aged Balsamic Vinegar
- Pasta & Sauces
- Preserves, Marmalades & Honey
- Luscious Spreads
- All Things Truffle

For a speedier search, head to the drop-down menu on the right to filter.

7. Check out and celebrate!

We accept all major credit cards as well as Shop Pay, PayPal, and Amazon Pay. If your recipient lives far away or you two are socially distancing, then input their address. If you will be presenting the gift box in-person, then ship to your own address. Please specify any delivery instructions, like an apartment code, in the Order Notes box - we want to deliver your box without any hiccups!

You will quickly receive a confirmation email from Tasty Ribbon (if not, check your spam folder). Then you will receive a tracking number. If you are shipping directly to the recipient’s home or office, it may be nice to give them a head’s up on an arriving package. 

When you create your own gift box with Tasty Ribbon, you are guaranteed to have a premium gift that represents the following values:

- Simplicity, as simple and natural as the ingredients of our selected products are.

- Authenticity, celebrated through our small artisans in Italy that represent the tradition, history and creativity of the country. Since we aim to deliver gifts with the highest quality (and on time!), we selected products from partners that we trust.

- Contemporaneity, through a modern reinterpretation of food gifting as a whole.

- Elegance, because we curate every detail to make the gift memorable from the customized presentation to the contents inside.