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3 Gourmet Food Gift Boxes for Mother’s Day

3 Gourmet Food Gift Boxes for Mother’s Day

Searching for the perfect Mother’s Day gift? These three gourmet food boxes offer a unique and stylish way to show the mom in your life how special she is.

Many mothers spent the past year separated from their extended families and unable to engage in the travel and fine dining they previously enjoyed. Despite this, it has been mothers keeping us together and getting us through these hard times. Each mother deserves something special for Mother’s Day this year.

A gourmet food box from Tasty Ribbon is the special gift mom deserves this Mother’s Day. Every item in our gift boxes is imported straight from Italy from small, artisanal shops. Most are not available in the United States, making a gift box from Tasty Ribbon an irreplicable, distinct gift.

The beautiful box packaging is a feast for the eyes, and you can choose from two different card designs to hold a handwritten, personal message. This experience is as close as you could get to traveling to Italy, purchasing the items, and writing the card yourself.

Whether you are seeing your mother in-person this year or keeping it socially distant, give her a taste of something she can’t get anywhere else.

Mum’s Delight ($120)

For the mom who...

- Loves all things Italian

- Is open to trying new flavors

- Values natural ingredients

- Reads fashion magazines

- Scrolls through Instagram and Pinterest

- Treasures unique finds

If you know a woman who prizes culture and design (and won’t shy away from posting about it on Instagram!), then she will cherish this thoughtful arrangement of delicacies straight from Italy. Its six items pair well in taste and packaging - notice how they all point to a Pinterest-worthy theme of florals and purple.

    Balsamic Condiment – Rose Edition (Limited Edition) by Il Borgo del Balsamico. Inside its stunning packaging is a fine balsamic that is silky soft in texture, aromatic and pleasantly bitter. It is sweet to the palate and compliments soft and seasoned cheeses, cream-flavored gelato, and foie gras. This condiment is from Borgo’s limited edition Satin Food Condiment Collection for its 10th anniversary. Like a fine wine, it’s been aged in oak barrels. And it’s perfect for the fashion-lover: the family behind the brand started in the luxury fashion business, hence the attention to aesthetic detail with the glass bottle’s Old Rose pattern.

    Il d’Aragona Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Frantoio d’Orazio: Chefs know Frantoio d’Orazio olive oil by name because of its versatility. Its flavor is rich and herbois without being intrusive and features notes of ripe fruit, spiciness, and an almond aftertaste.

    Santa Maria del Fiore Black Tea by La Via del Tè: This tea from Florence is an elegant blend of black tea and flowers with the sweet aroma of grape wine, cherry, and strawberry notes. Its name is a tribute to the dome of Santa Maria del Fiore, the cathedral of Florence, the “City of Flowers.” The Santa Maria del Fiore tea has a smooth and fruity flavor and is dark orange in color. Mom will love to pair this tea with plain cookies, sponge cakes, shortbreads, and fruit tarts.

    Tea Infuser by La Via del Tè: To prepare the Italian tea, or any other loose-leaf tea, use this high-quality tea infuser. It’s everything you need for making loose leaf tea at home.

    Raspberry Preserve by Cascina San Cassiano: This raspberry preserve by Cascina San Cassiano is made using only the finest raspberries and cane sugar, with no added colors or preservatives. Its intense aroma and thick texture make it ideal for biscuits, bread and even yogurt. It can also be used as garnish on homemade cakes. A practical bonus: it’s both vegan and gluten-free.

    Assorted Chocolate Pralines by Vestri: Vestri has pulled all the stops with this box of pure delight. Look forward to classic chocolate truffles, orange slices dipped in chocolate, mini cremini, dark chocolate gianduiotti, and more. Perfect with hot beverages and dessert wines, these luxury chocolates are a happy ending to any culinary fairy tale.

    Aside from the pleasure to your palate, this box is also quite useful: who doesn’t use olive oil almost every day? And the tea infuser will last for many loose-leaf teas to come. Mom will think of you and this thoughtful gift every time she indulges in one of its delicacies.

    Mamma mia! ($193)

    For the mom who:

    - Loves all things Italian

    - Watches cooking shows

    - Travels to new places

    - Is a total foodie

    - Values natural ingredients

    - Deserves the finer things in life

      This box is all about spring colors, full of orange and yellow. If you know a mom who loves to travel and cook (even if she can never find the time!), she will savor this luxurious selection of Italian treats.

      Savory Cookies T’a Milano: Savory palates have finally found their match! Characterized by wholesome ingredients and topped with tomato and oregano, these gourmet snacks are ideal to nibble with friends or on the go.

      Balsamic vinegar by Acetaia Leonardi: This fine balsamic of Modena I.G.P. has been aged in wooden barrels for 12 years. It’s from the Collection Grand Chefs and we can see why: it’s ideal for meat, fish, seafood, caviar, tartare, cheese, fruit mix, ice-cream, yogurt, pancakes, decorations and topping or pure as a digestif at the end of the meal.

      Elementa Collection Extra Virgin Olive Oil by Frantoio d’Orazio: Chefs know Frantoio d’Orazio olive oil by name because of its versatility. Its flavor is rich and herbois without being intrusive and features notes of ripe fruit, a spicy note and an almond aftertaste. The unique black and white geometric design on the bottle makes it a beauty on the kitchen counter.

      Alla Norma Pasta Sauce by Ursini: This pasta sauce is all about richness through simplicity. Premium tomatoes, eggplant, and salty ricotta make this sauce a flavor experience. Serve with generous amounts of grated cheese and red chili flakes for an extra kick. It tastes just like it was made in a traditional Italian kitchen - Mom’s guests will never know it came from a jar (and we won’t tell!).

      Spaghetti by Pastificio Mancini: What good is pasta sauce without the perfect pasta to pair it with? You don’t need a pasta maker to enjoy a rich, homemade pasta experience. Pasta-making in the Marche tradition requires two additional ingredients that aren’t found in the pantry: endless patience and love for the trade. After a forkful of the spaghetti Mancini, you will know this is true.

      Bruschetta pesto by Ursini: Ursini pesto has such a powerful flavor with its tomato-flavored punch. Each jar is a perfect combination of ingredients from the traditional Mediterranean table, interpreted by recipes able to enhance their quality. It makes any bruschetta, sandwich, panini, or pasta come to life.

      White Chocolate Bar with Raspberry and Lavender: The delicacy and purity of lavender meet the decisive flavor of raspberry, all immersed in the full taste of white chocolate. This sugary snack is perfect for the mom with the sweet tooth.

      Dark chocolate bar with rose petals: Can a chocolate bar say “I love you?” This one certainly comes close. The rose petals, natural rose aroma, and brushstrokes of white chocolate add herbois flavor to a luscious dark chocolate base.

      Orange Sticks Dipped In Dark Chocolate by T’a Milano: If fruit were given to kids in this guise, the five-a-day rule would be unnecessary. These candied orange sticks designed by T’a Milano's master chocolatiers are dipped in beautiful dark chocolate. Perfect for any time of the year, they can be eaten on their own, with gelato or hot chocolate, or as a garnish for a very lucky cake. Talk about a crowd pleaser!

      Cookies with candied orange by T’a Milano: For some more orangey goodness, open T’a Milano’s bag of crunchy cookies. The fresh candied orange variety is just the right touch of sweet and tart, and goes well with any beverage - we recommend a nice cup of tea. Warning: Mom may eat them all in one sitting.

      Chocolate Truffles by Vestri: Chocolate truffles are always mouthfuls of bliss, but Vestri upgrades truffles to the sublime. Made with Tonda Gentile Trilobata hazelnuts from Piedmont, these truffles melt in your mouth and leave you wanting more. And more. And more. Perfect with hot beverages and dessert wines, they are a happy ending to any culinary fairy tale. 

      Create Your Own Gift Box (Price Varies by Selection)

      We offer many options and varieties for the selective woman. If you know just what Mom likes, this is the perfect choice. Our suggestions for delicacies to include:

      If she loves spice, we recommend: Spicy Sauce, Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Chili Pepper, Arrabbiata Tomato Sauce, Dark Chocolate Bar with Chili Pepper, and Ginger Gems Dipped in Dark Chocolate.

      If she needs a pick-me-up, we recommend: White Chocolate Bar with Raspberry and Lavender, Pistachio Mini Cone, Assorted Cremini Chocolates in a Vintage Tin Box, Suprema Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Piedmont Hazelnuts dipped in milk chocolate, and a selection of Tuscan Truffles (chocolate truffles, pistachio pralines, hazelnut bites, and almond pearls).

      If she loves a good aperitivo, we recommend: Sun-dried Tomatoes and Olive Tapenade, Stuffed Carrot and Zucchini Rolls in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Savory Cookies with Tomato and Oregano, Savory Cookies with Parmigiano Reggiano, Green Olive and Basil Spread, and Bruschetta Pesto. According to Martha Stewart, Pinzimonio is a must-have in any Italian Happy Hour. That’s why we also recommend including Opera Collection Extra Virgin Olive Oil and 12-year aged Balsamic Vinegar of Modena IGP.

      If she’s a breakfast lover, we recommend: personalized Zodiac Signs Collection Tea, Cappuccino Spread, Peach Preserve, Raspberry Preserve, Volcano Vanilla Cookies, and Organic Blueberry Preserve.

      If she’s a vegan, we recommend: Penne by Pastificio Mancini, il d’Aragona Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Blueberry Preserve, Olive Sauce, and 12 Travasi Balsamic Condiment Il Nobile.

      We are the only company that offers create-your-own food gift boxes in the gift basket industry. Giving Mom a gift box specially curated by you brings the thoughtfulness of a homemade gift with none of the hassle.

      To make the mothers in your life feel extra special this Mother’s Day, order a gift box of authentic Italian delicacies from Tasty Ribbon. Any woman will love the experience of unwrapping multiple unique items and will cherish the memory as she indulges in them for months to come.

      For more ideas on what to gift mom for Mother’s Day, view all our curated Italian specialties.