Corporate Gifting Project Profile: PCI Pharma

Corporate Gifting Project Profile: PCI Pharma

The Challenge 

In 2020, Tasty Ribbon’s corporate gifting service was hired by PCI Pharma to create a unique gift box for the attendees of their virtual sales conference. They wanted products that evoked the event’s theme of “Energy,” including several branded items, and wanted the gift boxes to reflect a fully branded PCI Pharma experience. They needed 60 boxes in the US, plus more for international attendees. And they were on a tight schedule: they contacted Tasty Ribbon in October for their virtual sales conference in November.

The Concept

With 20 days from concept to delivery, we quickly got into action. We delivered a fully tailored presentation that outlined our suggested product selections that would best fit the event and mock-up designs of the branded items, receiving great feedback from the client's team. Staying with the theme of “Energy,” we landed on these items for inclusion:

- Illy Coffee Blend – Classic Roast by Illy (PRODUCT SOURCED):

- Gin & Tonic Cocktail Kit by The Cocktail Box: We specially sourced two cocktail kits to compliment the mixologist at the event.

- Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit by The Cocktail Box (PRODUCT SOURCED)

- Margarita Cocktail Kit by The Cocktail Box (PRODUCT SOURCED)

- Blueberry Preserve with Stevia by Cascina San Cassiano

- Hazelnuts with Honey by Cascina San Cassiano

- Sparkling Water with Tangerine Flavor (No Sugar) by San Pellegrino (PRODUCT SOURCED)

- Sparkling Water with Lemon Flavor (No Sugar) by San Pellegrino (PRODUCT SOURCED)

- “Energy” Herbal Tea with Rooibos, Guarana and Ginger by La Via del Tè

- Tea Infuser by La Via del Tè: We included our high-quality tea infuser for the herbal tea.

- Toasted Almonds by Frantoio D’Orazio (PRODUCT SOURCED)

- Coffee Beans Dipped in Milk Chocolate by T’a Milano

- Hazelnut Gianduja Chocolate Cigar by Venchi

- Dark Chocolate bar with Coffee Filling by T’a Milano

- Olives Mix by Ursini

- Branded Tumbler 20 oz (PRODUCT SOURCED): Our in-house design team designed all of the branded items.

- Branded Wireless Charger (PRODUCT SOURCED)

- Branded Workout Towel (PRODUCT SOURCED)

- Branded bracelet provided by the client

Energy comes from what we eat, and to keep up the energy levels throughout the day it’s important to eat nutritious food. For this, we selected only products with natural ingredients that are also known for their ability to provide the body with energy (water, guarana, ginger, chocolate, extra virgin olive oil, etc.). All things food in the box were directly sourced in Italy from small artisans to maintain their authenticity and true flavors. Most of the recipients were at home with their families during the conference, so for an added touch, we included products that could be enjoyed and shared.

The Process

Other food items that were included, like the cocktail kits and sparkling water, are not ordinarily products that we carry. However, we wanted to make the boxes as special and customized as possible, so we looked to other sources to provide items that would round out the boxes.

The branded items like the tumbler, wireless charger, towel and bracelet required specialized design and sourcing. Our in-house design team created designs for the branded items that incorporated PCI Pharma’s logo and had their own unique touch. Leveraging our in-house design team allowed for the project to be streamlined and stay on deadline.

However, the branded items also had to be sourced outside of Tasty Ribbon’s gourmet food inventory. We have relationships with vendors around the world exactly for this purpose, so we were quickly able to find the right providers that could 1) deliver quality products, 2) work seamlessly to integrate the branding designs on the items and 3) deliver items quickly, because we still needed time to prep and package the boxes. In the end, we sourced these products from around the globe to ensure they possessed the quality and aesthetic PCI Pharma wanted.

In addition to curating items fully customized to PCI Pharma’s needs, we customized the box with a branded sleeve and satin ribbon handles. PCI Pharma collaborated during this design process and selected the color of the ribbon handles.

Once everything had been chosen and sourced, the next step was assembling the physical boxes. With each box, we took great care to package it so that the contents would remain unmoved and intact during shipping without sacrificing the presentation. With every box we create, we want to make sure the recipient gets a pristine, bespoke presentation when they open their gift box and PCI’s recipients were no exception, despite the tight timeline. We also included a pre-printed note in each box.

The boxes had to be shipped to 70+ separate addresses within the United States and internationally. Because the event manager already had the addresses of the recipients, they just had to be included in our corporate fulfillment template. There were no issues with delivery and Tasty Ribbon was later asked to add 5 more boxes to the order because the gift boxes had received such positive feedback.

Altogether, to fulfill this corporate concierge order within a 20-day timeframe we delivered:

- A concept brief

- Custom designs for branded items

- Specialized sourcing for branded items

- Specialized sourcing for some of the gourmet food items

- Customization of the boxes

- 19 individual items

- 70+ boxes, all individually assembled with a note included

- Shipping to 70+ individual national and international addresses

The Response

PCI Pharma’s stakeholders and event partners received wonderful feedback about Tasty Ribbon’s gift boxes and were extremely pleased with our products and service. Here is one testimonial we received in response:

The feedback we have received has been absolutely INCREDIBLE. All of the guests have been completely blown away with the attention to detail, the box, the products inside, just everything. Thank you! - Joanna Curie – Event Producer - Venturescapes

Joanna’s kind words are the highest compliment, and echo many of Tasty Ribbon corporate concierge clients:

We really enjoyed the full experience working with Tasty Ribbon. Without a doubt, this is our go-to moving forward for our client's gifts. - Sonia M.

All the clients who had received the gift were impressed by the quality of the product, taste of the panettone cake and package. Thanks for the wonderful job from Tasty Ribbon. - Nikki W., Marketing Coordinator

Each item exceeded expectations and set the tone for top quality - a magnetic box clasp. Impressive and unexpected at every turn. - Jennifer D.

We are happy to announce that, after the success with Tasty Ribbon gift boxes at the 2020 Virtual Sales Conference, PCI Pharma enlisted us to curate another box for the same event in 2021.

Corporate Gifting that Gives Back 

We are proud to donate 5% of the proceeds of every corporate order to charity. We are honored to support God’s Love We Deliver, an organization that helps to improve the health and wellbeing of men, women and children living with HIV/AIDS, cancer and other serious illnesses by alleviating hunger and malnutrition, through medically tailored meals.