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Italian Holiday Desserts

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While you may not be traveling to Italy this year, we’ll be bringing the most decadent Italian confections to you! On the crunchy side, you find the Torrone, a crunchy nougat bar with toasted almonds and honey, and a chocolate and almond Cantucci biscotti that pairs very well with coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. On the soft side, enjoy the Panettone with candied orange and raisins, flavored with Marsala and Zibibbo wines. The cake is so light and versatile that it is often enjoyed alone, paired with a dessert wine, or toasted and smothered in chocolate spread!


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What's Inside the Box

Traditional panettone cake image
Traditional panettone cake SIZE: 2.32 lb

Fiasconaro is one of the most well-known gourmet brands in Italy, and the company is famous for its high quality specialty spread and specialty cakes. Flavored with Italian Marsala and Zibibbo and with fresh candied orange and raisins, this hand-wrapped traditional panettone cake is incredibly delicious. Each cake goes through a slow and progressive dough rising process that takes 36 hours. This sophisticated process ensures the quality and fragrance of the panettone. It is no wonder that Fiasconaro panettone is one of the most desired holiday essentials. 

Suprema hazelnut chocolate spread image
Suprema hazelnut chocolate spread SIZE: 8.81 oz

Venchi Suprema hazelnut chocolate spread, the superb chocolate cream made spreadable by the fine Piedmont hazelnut paste used to create an authentic delicacy that deserves a name worthy of its greatness: suprema is indeed Italian for supreme. Try it on bread, as a garnish for desserts or as a topping for gelato or simply enjoy it with a spoon. Dig in!

Biscotti with almonds and dark chocolate image
Biscotti with almonds and dark chocolate SIZE: 5.64 oz

T’a Milano’s bags of crunchy biscuits should be opened under supervision. The cantuccio biscuit with almonds and chocolate is just the right touch of sweet and tart, and goes well with any beverage - we recommend a nice cup of tea. Don’t be sad if you finish the bag in one session. Just move on to the next flavor.

Torrone siciliano classico image
Torrone siciliano classico SIZE: 5.3 oz

A soft nougat made of sugar, honey, egg whites, and toasted almonds or hazelnuts, torrone is a typical sweet enjoyed in Italy around the holidays. Fiasconaro's artisan Sicilian soft nougat contains local honey and toasted almonds, for a classic taste.

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