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Ask any cook what should never go missing in the pantry and they will reply: pasta, natural sauces, flavorful jam, decadent chocolate and handmade cookies. This selection is a pantry-saver and does it with style too. 

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Made in Italy GMO Free

What's Inside the Box

Eliche di gragnano image
Eliche di gragnano SIZE: 17.6 oz

Set on the beautiful Amalfi Coast, the small village of Gragnano is home to a pasta with no equals. At Pastificio dei Campi, patience is the key for a pasta with no equals. The eliche in particular, with its signature shape lends itself perfectly to sauces full of character & body such as sauce alla norma. Ideal for a family meal.

Tomato sauce with ricotta and pecorino cheese image
Tomato sauce with ricotta and pecorino cheese SIZE: 10.2 oz

Richness through simplicity. This ricotta and pecorino tomato sauce by Cascina San Cassiano is an authentic delicacy that reproduces the best of the traditional Italian kitchen. Tomato is king here, with ricotta and pecorino riding in as knights in shining armor. Serve with a glass of red wine and red chili flake for an extra kick. Gluten free.

Parmigiano reggiano creamy sauce image
Parmigiano reggiano creamy sauce SIZE: 5.3 oz

The perfect definition of organic gourmet in a ready-to-eat cheese spread. This velvety and creamy spread preserves the full flavor of the king of Italian cheeses, parmigiano reggiano. Hailing from the heart of the Langhe hills in the Piedmont region, this Cascina San Cassiano spread is made of 100% natural ingredients, with no preservatives or GMOs. It is the perfect accompaniment to any pasta dish or risotto. Gluten free.

Savory cookies with tomato and oregano image
Savory cookies with tomato and oregano SIZE: 2.82 oz

Savory palates have finally found their match! A delicious gourmet snack available in 4 flavors: parmesan cheese, Mediterranean herbs, tomato and oregano, and sesame. Characterized by wholesome ingredients and traditional craftsmanship, these snacks are ideal to nibble with friends or on the go.

"volcano" vanilla cookies image
"volcano" vanilla cookies SIZE: 5.64 oz

A sweet note for every taste and need. As the name suggests, these cookies are an explosion of flavor with lava drops of dark chocolate surrounded by vanilla biscuit. T’a Milano treats are strictly handmade, designed to turn every moment from breakfast to snack time into an experience. Grand Cru cocoa, flour, and mountain butter, combined with carefully selected raw ingredients, make every T’a cookie unique. 

Organic strawberry preserve image
Organic strawberry preserve SIZE: 7.7 oz

This jam by San Cassiano is made using only the finest strawberries and cane sugar, with no added color or preservatives. An intense aroma and thick texture make it ideal not only with biscuits and desserts but also with yogurt and amaretti.

* Fruit percentage may vary according to the production’s lot.

Organic apricot preserve image
Organic apricot preserve SIZE: 7 oz

This jam by San Cassiano is made using only the finest apricots and cane sugar, with no added color or preservatives. An intense aroma and thick texture make it ideal not only with biscuits and desserts, but also with yogurt. 

* Fruit percentage may vary according to the production’s lot. 

Cappuccino spread image
Cappuccino spread SIZE: 4.9 oz

Capturing the essence of cappuccino in a spread is no easy task, but Cascina San Cassiano succeeded with this product. Not overly sweet but definitely overly delicious, this cappuccino cream goes well with cakes, cookies, pancakes - or on its own. Pair with coffee for to keep the magic going. 

Assorted chocolate pralines (12 pieces) image
Assorted chocolate pralines (12 pieces) SIZE: 3.5 oz

Vestri has pulled all the stops with this box of pure delight. Look forward to classic chocolate truffles, orange slices dipped in chocolate, mini cremini, dark chocolate gianduiotti, and more. Perfect with hot beverages and dessert wines, they are a happy ending to any culinary fairy tale.

Milk chocolate mini cone image
Milk chocolate mini cone SIZE: 0.99 oz

Creativity without limits! Trying these innovative mini chocolate cones gives you an excuse for a sweet and delicious break any time of day. Milk chocolate spheres with a creamy heart in a delicate hazelnut wafer cone, this delicacy delights from the outside in. A perfect example of the creativity and finesse of T’a Milano chocolate artisans, each cone is perfectly balanced, creating taste sensations that last long after they melt in your mouth.

Milk chocolate bar with tangerine filling image
Milk chocolate bar with tangerine filling SIZE: 1.06 oz

Size doesn’t matter in this flavor-packed punch. Go with T’a on a journey into Italian excellences as they combine the finest chocolate with locally sourced ingredients. Hazelnuts from Piedmont, tangerine from Palermo and coffee from Naples. This gourmet bar is a must-have essential in every bag, backpack, or purse for all your energy - or chocolate - emergencies.

Coffee bean dragées image
Coffee bean dragées SIZE: 4.23 oz

Coffee beans dipped in 36% milk chocolate. Enough said. Decadent, moreish, and utterly delicious, these T’a Milano coffee and chocolate spheres are a beautiful end to any meal. Accompany with a real coffee, preferably with your eyes closed.

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